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Moe Espinosa, better known by his stage name Drumell, is a Los Angeles native who draws inspiration from his culturally diverse background and channels that into his music. Espinosa is a classically trained musician and was the guitarist and vocalist for multiple different hardcore bands around LA leading up to his discovery of the electronic music community in LA in the early 90s. His admiration for electronic music eventually led him to pursue a career in music production after securing a job at a recording studio in Hollywood.

Espinosa would do whatever it took to get his work out there so in 2001, he took to the streets of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and passed out his very own vinyls which he pressed and produced himself. Around this time, he was also joining forces with Vangelis and Vidal Vargas to form the Droid Behavior Collective which aided in the birth of the techno scene in LA.

The collective went on to launch their own record label Droid Recordings which was created to “explore the many faces of dance floor techno” (Droid Behavior). Espinosa’s first release under his alias Drumcell came out in 2003. This was his Genetix EP which was released under Droid Recordings. Over the next several years, Drumcell released a number of tracks for the label, in addition to performing and taking the Droid Behavior Collective brand to new heights.

Drumcell’s techno footprint can be heard all over at some of the most well-known and well-respected techno hubs in the world. The producer has definitely left his mark on the community and will continue to do so.

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