Dombresky On His First Performances as a DJ in France, “It Was My Destiny”

Mar 23, 2023

Ulises Vargas

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Once upon a time, before becoming an acclaimed house music producer, Dombresky was just the guy livening up the party by being in charge of the music. Whether it was a family gathering or a large event, he always chose what everyone would be listening to that evening.

“Before I even began to DJ, I was always the guy that was playing music at parties,” says Dombresky in an interview with Gray Area. “It was my destiny, I guess.”

As fate would have it, Dombresky eventually became interested in mixing R&B and hip-hop songs on cassette tapes. As any elder millennial can attest, the press pause mix was the foundation of many a DJ’s career. Over time, that curiosity for blending tracks would garner him attention from friends about his mixing skills, leading them to ask him to DJ at his first event.

“It was a party in a small venue in my city,” he remembers about his first time ever DJing.

Focused on his education, the budding DJ opted to aim his attention on his studies and attended university. It was there he ran into a hometown friend who just so happened to be a resident DJ at a local club.

“They were looking for a hip-hop DJ,” recalls Dombresky. “This club was like five minutes away from my apartment, so I said okay, I’m gonna try it. And it worked, I became a resident DJ working Sunday through Wednesday.”

Dombresky’s first steps to becoming a world-renowned DJ had just taken place. Unfortunately, that meant his studies would have to take a backseat.

“It was not possible for me to finish my studies,” he adds. “I was finishing my gigs at 6 am.”

That grueling schedule forced the young Parisian to leave college altogether and dedicate his life to his newfound passion. In speaking of that difficult decision, Dombresky expressed, “I decided I’m gonna have to stop school and focus on DJing.”

Of course, the outcome of that resolution has led us to become acquainted with the groovy tastemaker. However, if it wasn’t for his initial curiosity about mixtapes or being the life of the party, we wouldn’t have ever become familiar with the prolific house music master.

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