The Story Behind Dombresky’s Surprisingly Stark Hit Single, “Simple Hit”

Mar 24, 2023

Ulises Vargas

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Sometimes in music, the most celebrated tracks are the layered ones, the ones full of peaks and valleys with evoking lyrics that will have you screaming at the top of your lungs. Other times, however, a producer will have a minimal record with a clean vocal and a straightforward beat, which will win over the dancefloor.

For Dombresky, the latter tells the story behind his 2019 hit, “Simple Hit.”

“I had this track for maybe a year on my laptop,” recalls Dombresky in a recent interview with Gray Area. “My manager said to me, ‘bro, this song is good.’ I said, ‘yeah it’s great, I love it, but it’s just so simple, I cannot release it.”

After being nudged by his manager, the French producer finally gave in and released the single, naming it “Simple Hit” after the uncomplicated piece it had become. Once it was published, Dombresky did not anticipate any buzz out of the cut.

“I didn’t expect anything from this song,” he says. “I liked it, but it was too simple. Plus the lyrics were ‘simple hit’ which sounds like a joke.”

Adding to his pessimism behind the prosperity of the record, Dombresky was surprised that the song was not gaining traction. It wasn’t until months later that it finally started making waves in the dance music scene.

“It took time for this track to become famous,” he adds. “It became big really slowly. The first time I released it nobody cared about this song. It took like five or six months for it to become a little bit more famous.”

Half a year after its initial drop, “Simple Hit” began its course around the festival circuit, and Dombresky’s name was all over it. The French house maven had yet another prized song under his belt, a song he called ‘magic.’

“That’s what magic is. Sometimes you don’t expect anything and sometimes you’re surprised,” he exclaims. “That’s what happened with this track.”

It was stripped back, unpretentious, and without a trace of complication. That’s what made “Simple Hit” a runaway success. It’s groovy, it’s catchy, and it’s house music in its natural state. Uncluttered. Clean. Simple.

“I’m a simple guy making simple music,” concludes Dombresky. “I’m not a super big technical producer. I’m making simple music but I’m trying to put my emotion into my simple music. That’s what I do.”

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