8 Lucati Collabs You Should Know

Dec 21, 2022

Carolina Quijano

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For the better part of a decade, LA-based producer and DJ, Lucati has made music. But in 2017, everything came to fruition, and he exploded onto the scene. He debuted on Dirtybird Records with his EP, Whistling Duckin 2018 and hasn't looked back since. 

Born Ruben Marcelo Smulovitz, Lucati is widely known for incorporating Latin-inspired elements into his clean, danceable grooves. He's got a talent for keeping things minimal while maintaining a thumping dance floor energy that keeps the club pumped. His slinky, stripped-back beats have attracted the attention of labels like Confession, Ultra, Desert Hearts, and John Summit's Off The Grid. And he's been heavily supported by artists like DJ Snake, Annie Nightengale, Solardo, and Marco Lys.

He's also frequently called upon to work with some of house music's heavy hitters. Of course, it's great to get support from the biggest DJs. But, when they ask you to get in the studio with them, it's a sure sign that you are on to a unique sound. If you're unfamiliar with Lucati's collaborations, we've compiled eight from his catalog that you need to add to your playlist right now.

1. Lucati, Dateless - This is My Life

It seemed appropriate to start this list with a collaboration between Lucati and his younger brother, Dateless. The pair were kind of inseparable in the early days of their careers and even started Kolme Records together.

"This is My Life" is a slow-building house banger with an incredible bassline. It's a new and fresh take on house music and shows that the brothers truly came to play.

2. OMNOM, Lucati - Bat Country

Next is a trippy offering from OMNOM and Lucati called "Bat Country." It samples dialogue from the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and it sounds exactly like the kind of weekend the film's protagonist, Raoul Duke, endured in Sin City. The track is anchored by a kick-ass beat and a splatter of psychedelic sound effects, keeping it fun while adding to the overall wacky vibe.

3. SNBRN, Lucati, 1993 - DMs

"DMs" is a playful house tune created by SNBRN and Lucati, which features 1993 on vocals. A warped bassline and driving percussion keep time while the lyrics repeat a catchy hook.

Somehow, these guys even incorporate a staccato whistle and sprinkle of quirky synth hits, breaking up the vocals while maintaining the bounce.

4. Lucati, Dombresky - Like This

Lucati teamed up with Dombresky to release "Like This" on Toolroom Records. A criminally underrated song. They lace a typical tech-house beat with a bit of Latin flair. It's the perfect danceable beat.

5. Daniels Jack, Lucati - The Funk

Released in 2018 on Nervous Records, "The Funk" is Lucati's collaboration with Daniels Jack. This tech house joint combines Latin percussion with a funky bassline. "The Funk" has an overall groovy feel and is a fun, sexy banger.

6. Gettoblaster, Lucati - Cameras, Flash, Action

Lucati joined forces with Gettoblaster for "Cameras, Flash, Action," a Jackin house release on Harry Romero's Bambossa Records. This song goes hard in the most blissfully understated way. A walloping bassline repeats under a minimal beat, only broken up by the occasional vocal break. The boys have combined the best of old-school vibes and new-school production and will have you moving and grooving as it plays.

7. Nick Siarom, Lucati - Sonido Latino

"Sonido Latino" has Lucati truly showcasing his Latin roots, this time, working with Brazillian newcomer Nick Siarom. Released on the Kyle Watson and Wongo-led tastemaker label, Box of Cats, "Sonido Latino" is a fresh, clean tech house jawn filled with lasers, Spanish vocals, and cheeky percussion.

8. Nightfunk, Lucati, Diego Bayón - Exchange

Rounding out our lineup is Lucati's track with Lucati's collab with Nightfunk and Diego Bayón, "Exchange," released on Lee Foss's South of Saturn imprint. An animated deep house track, Diego Bayón's provocative vocals compliment the blistering bassline perfectly. Yet another track of Lucati's that's a dancefloor hit.

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