Fideles: “Follow the Music and Not the Market”

Nov 5, 2022

Sierra Vandervort

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When Daniele Aprile and Mario Roberti formed Fideles in 2010 at their small studio in southern Italy, they had no idea they’d end up playing the most prestigious stages in dance music. Fabric in London, Amnesia in Ibiza, Rex Club in Paris, and Watergate in Berlin have all hosted them. Their pathway to success stands out in earnest in a modern world saturated with trends and tech. Instead of molding their music to fit the market, they chased their passions.

“Nowadays it seems people are totally focused on the e-social side of being an artist, and this isn’t the best way to enter the underground scene,” the duo said in a 2018 interview with Project Revolver. “In our opinion, you should follow the music and its beauty, collecting all of its energy and delivering the best production you can.”

Fideles at Zamna Festival

Aprile and Roberti note that this more “underground” approach may close some doors, but that’s ok. They’ve candidly shared how their rejected requests allowed them to spend more time with their music, shaping it into something they adore. And with releases on labels like Bedrock, Afterlife, Innervisions, and Exit Strategy, it’s a dedication that’s proved fruitful.

Their hypnotic take on techno and melodic house has remained personal and authentic. Eventually, heavyweight artists began to hear it too. Armin van Buuren, Hayden James, and MEDUZA have all featured or collaborated with Fideles in the last two years alone.

They also cite their varied taste in music as an inspiration. Classical music and dream pop are among some of their favorites.

Above all else, Fideles gives the expert advice of following the music you want to make rather than letting what you think you should make take the reigns. “We simply suggest (for you) to respect, love, and free the music you feel inside.”

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