5 Fideles Tracks Every Melodic Techno Fan Must Know

Oct 6, 2022

Jonah Flint

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Italian DJ duo Fideles first joined forces in 2010. Daniele Aprile & Mario Roberti embarked on a project that would focus on beautiful melodic techno, delivering a mature and modern sound consistently over the years. Their discography after a decade plus of producing is substantial. They have released on labels such as Bedrock Records, Stil vor Talent, and Innervisions.

In 2018, the Fideles single "Resonant" was included in Tale Of Us’ fabric97 compilation, which ultimately led to an EP and string of singles on their legendary Afterlife label. It is always a telltale sign of success when high-level peers support and promote an artist's music. The inclusion and literal sign-off by Tale Of Us has not gone unnoticed, helping to propel the duo into the international spotlight.

As one of the hottest names in melodic techno, it is important for music fans to familiarize themselves with the Fideles sound. Below is our selection of essential Fideles tracks.

1. Monolink - Otherside (Fideles Remix)

Monolink’s ascension over the last five years is undeniable. The live electronic act burst into the scene after Artbat remixed his legendary track "Return to Oz." Monolink has since risen to headliner level and made a name for himself as a true tastemaker in the world of melodic music. Tapping Fideles to remix his track "Otherside" is simply another testament to the duo's skill. Fideles take the source material and put a heavy, dark melodic spin on the track. Monolink’s vocals remain true, but the song is transformed into a festival-ready soundscape.

2. Ross Quin - Away With Me (Fideles Remix)

Once again on remix duty, Fideles transformed Ross Quin’s original track, "Away With Me." Working with beautiful vocals is clearly a specialty for Fideles. They take the original, which is a silky deep house roller, and once again craft their own unique spin. Layering the vocals over their signature uplifting synth lines, the track swells and builds continuously until the eventual breakdown arrives, leaving listeners swaying.

3. Stephan Bodzin - River (Fideles Remix)

Stephan Bodzin’s album Boavista may have been the electronic album of the year in 2021. A stunning collection of the melodic master's sounds, he followed it up with a truly incredible remix package. With names like Solomon, Boris Brejcha, and Dubfire gracing the remix pack, it is no small gesture for Fideles to be tapped to remix a track from the album. Stuttering piano keys dance playfully over the drumline as the duo once again breathe fresh energy into an already fantastic track.

4. Fideles - Impressum

Impressum marks Fideles' first EP on Afterlife, and the title track says all you need to know about why the duo are ones to watch. When Tale Of Us begin to support any artist, the melodic techno world stops and pays attention. The EP is an impressive collection of high-level music in which Fideles flex their diverse production ability.

5. Fideles - Kellerkind

Fideles’ 2016 EP on Stil vor Talent arguably marked the most crucial turning point of their career. The legendary label run by Oliver Koletski is known for groundbreaking melodic music. After signing their six-track EP to the label, the duo was firmly on the radar of all acts in this sphere. Although they likely would have been discovered at some other point due to their immense talent, this EP helped them take a true leap forward.

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