Fideles Share the Blueprint for Their Captivating Brand of Melodic House and Techno

Nov 5, 2022

Sierra Vandervort

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Daniele Aprile and Mario Roberti of melodic house duo Fideles know a thing or two about putting together captivating live sets. Since they banded together in 2010, these Italian producers have played the most prestigious stages in dance music. Fabric in London, Amnesia in Ibiza, Rex Club in Paris, and Watergate in Berlin have all hosted them. Though they may be top-tier performers, the boys of Fideles have a few production tricks any DJ can use to give their sets some extra oomph.

First, they recommend setting up a trusted tech foundation. Before you chase the high-tech additions du jour, prioritize connecting with the software that you do have.

“We know how tempting it is to keep fiddling, changing your routings, rebuilding, and trying a different software synth, but it will just confuse you and waste precious time that should be spent practicing your set,” they recently told Electronic Groove. You can also add this bit of healthy obsession to your live set. They suggest planning out your details as extensively as you like and attest that the time you invest preparing will always pay off.

When it comes to your tracks, they suggest listening to your selects over and over, at least ten times, ideally, in order to learn their intricacies. “Twisting the tune to reveal new aspects helps maintain your audience’s interest. Don’t feed them the same parts and accompanying chord progressions throughout the set.”

Fideles attest to two main ingredients in a great track: powerful vocals and powerful melodies. Even a short vocal sample can loosen up an otherwise tight techno track. And the melodies? The boys recommend observing the rules of tension and release and bringing some humanity to your instruments.

“We highly recommend giving your string and pad arrangements more realism and honesty by creating string counter-melodies that work on their own, in terms of melody, harmony, and rhythm.”

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