5 Fideles Live Sets That Will Make You a Believer

Oct 6, 2022

Jonah Flint

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Daniele Aprile and Mario Roberti first joined forces in an official capacity in 2010, beginning their legacy as the Italian DJ duo Fideles. Their project has since garnered incredible praise as they consistently craft beautiful melodic techno, delivering a developed and creative sound throughout the past 12 years. Their catalog after more than a decade of creating music is a veritable journey unto itself. They have released on prominent labels such as Innervisions, Stil vor Talent, and Afterlife.

The Fideles sound is known for its intoxicating blend of percussion and layered melodies highlighted by joyful synths. In 2017 they were featured in Pete Tong’s favorite tracks of the year and have since received support from acts like Solomon, Tale of Us, and Oliver Koletski.

In the past few years, the duo also started a label called Impressum. It has given them the opportunity to expand their releases, putting out music whenever they like. As the label has gained popularity, so too have their live sets. Known for taking their fans on a journey of mysterious, dreamy and powerful soundscapes, Fideles' performances are marked by driving bass lines and sensory-inducing melodies.

Fideles truly know how to deliver emotion and create a unified experience for those on the dancefloor. As they approach their debut New York City headline show, fans can experience their magic in advance through the below selection of live sets from the last few years.

1. Fideles on Unity Live, 2020

There were no shortage of live-streamed sets during the 2020 worldwide quarantine. Certain brands made a stronger effort than others to consistently put out a high-quality product. The label Afterlife was one of these, delivering their Unity Live series, which highlighted both up-and-coming and established artists. Delivering a masterful, 90-minute set, Fideles dropped two IDs as well as countless other fan favorites during their guest mix.

2. Fideles at Forteresse Royale de Chinon in France for Cercle, 2019

Playing for Cercle has become a rite of passage for electronic acts, especially those on the melodic end of the spectrum. Although acts of all genres participate, the Cercle group has a propensity for melodic techno, and therefore being chosen to perform for them is as much a sign-off as any artist supporting your music. Performing on top of Forteresse Royale de Chinon in France, Fideles took those lucky enough to attend on a true journey, bouncing their signature sounds off the castle walls.

3. Fideles at Tomorrowland, 2022

Playing at Tomorrowland is a career goal for any dance music act. To play a prime time slot on the Afterlife stage at Tomorrowland was likely a thing of dreams for the Italian duo Fideles. Their two-hour set afforded them the opportunity to truly build and craft a musical journey for their fans. Rifling through their biggest hits and hottest IDs, they delivered a must-watch performance.

4. Fideles on Creative State Live at The Grand Factory

Playing inside a castle for an intimate crowd is a far cry from the massive stages of Tomorrowland — and yet as always, Fideles delivered. Tailoring their sound to their surroundings, Fideles played a set smartly curated without going over the top considering the size of the crowd.

5. Fide at Caprices Festival, 2022

Falling somewhere between the previous sets, Fideles' performance at Caprices Festival in Switzerland saw the Italian duo play to a medium-sized crowd during the daytime. As always, they left the crowd hanging on every melody, and their constant ability to impress regardless of who is in front of them was on full display.

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