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Jon George, James Hunt and Tyrone Lindqvist are the three artists that form the Australian alternative dance group, Rüfüs Du Sol. Shaped in 2010, this indie group shared a common interest and passion for electronic idols, such as Chemical Brothers and Royksopp. Rüfüs Du Sol has surfaced as a globally renowned electronic performance ensemble. Their polished combination of insightful innovation and mindful production became the basis for the sound that would advance their career around the world. The trio has a robust catalog full of distinguished albums, EPs and singles. Two of their albums – ATLAS, released in 2014, and Bloom, released in 2016 – received ample recognition and are platinum-certified. Additionally, their discography also includes their 2018 issue of SOLACE and their 2021 release of Surrender, both beginning a new phase for the three-piece.

More specifically, SOLACE (2018) sees Rüfüs Du Sol traveling to novel landscapes, discovering  expanded subgenres and more powerful text that will integrate well with their existing sound and grow an entirely stronger side to the group, deepening their style and artistic capabilities. In regards to this album, the trio explains, “It’s about finding a sense of hope in a darker time.” The album was created from an emotional and painful time for the group and carries more somber, deeper meanings like the heartbreak of loss and the importance of memory. “We’ve been through a big process,” the group says. “Almost a year and a half of our lives. We put all our hearts into making this record.” Along with this album, Rüfüs Du Sol planned a fresh and vibrant live show that broadened their performance abilities. The trio added an array of new analog gear and a revitalized visual setup to the stage, which gave fans an unprecedented closer look at the group’s actual production process.

Surrender (2021), the fourth and latest studio album by this electronic group has also become a highly acclaimed album in its own right. Rolling Stone Australia’s Tyler Jenke said "The record is one that sees three artists bonding via music, transcending the intimacy of the world they built together as they explore new ground in terms of boldness and bravery.” The album was nominated for Australian Album of the Year at the J Awards of 2021 and then later nominated

for Album of the Year, Best Group, Best Dance / Electronic Release and Best Mixed Album at the 2022 ARIA Music Awards. There will most definitely be much more to see from Rüfüs Du Sol in the years to come.

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