How Sam Blacky Entered a New Era With “Too Late”

Jun 9, 2023

John Cameron

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By 2017, Sam Blacky was well on her way to stardom. She had begun to tour internationally as a DJ, and the next few years would see her rack up 120 annual gigs in locations like Mexico, Ibiza, Bali, and Japan.

Far be it from her to rest on her laurels, however. Sam Blacky (real name Samantha Black) knew she had to take her career to the next level. This meant leaning all the way into recorded music, with one 2021 single, in particular, marking a momentous turning point in her career.

From the devilish dance between diva vocals and a classic bass line in the early bars of the track, “Too Late” makes its intentions known. It arrived to do two things: set dance floors on fire and put Black on the map. It accomplished both — but it didn’t stop there.

“Too Late” also bears the distinction of being the first-ever track on Black’s artist imprint, Stabby Records. The label would give a home to several other Sam Blacky releases, music that would come to define her dynamic yet focused sound. From the effervescent synth work of “Body” to the ethereal bliss of “Paradise” and the radio appeal of “No More,” the Stabby Records discography stands testament that Black is no one-trick pony.

It all started with one track, though. “So excited to be able to share this with you,” said Sam Blacky of “Too Late” on Instagram when it came out. “Been a long time coming and so many trials and tribulations to get this all together for you guys. I hope you love it! Let’s party baby!

The years since have shown that this was only the beginning for Sam Blacky. With each new release, she proves herself even more capable of growing and adapting, having barely scratched the surface of her sound signature. This is but one reason the dance music world has come to closely follow her every move.

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