Ranger Trucco: The Sonic Transformation

Jun 14, 2023

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Edrees Shalemi

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In the vibrant landscape of electronic music, Ranger Trucco is a rising star that continues to innovate and inspire. In the fall of 2022, he added yet another feather to his cap by launching his own record label, range., marking a pivotal point in his career. But perhaps even more exciting is his sonic evolution, as he has masterfully shifted his sound towards minimal and deep techno, pushing the boundaries of his musical repertoire.

Range. made its debut in May, spearheaded by the label's first release - a two-track EP titled spring '22. This inaugural release was crafted by Trucco himself, venturing into the more minimalist side of his sound design and setting the tone for what was to follow.

Continuing to explore this innovative sound, the label's catalog expanded with a series of seasonally-titled EPs, fall '22 and winter '23. These productions exhibit Trucco's deep tech skills and his ability to captivate listeners with stripped-back, yet sophisticated arrangements. It marks a departure from his traditional sound, as Trucco elegantly steps towards a more linear and subtle aesthetic.

The transformation in his style came full circle with his latest EP, spring ‘23, which has swept to the top spot on Beatport's Minimal/Deep Tech Charts. This success is a testament to his versatility as a producer and affirms that his new direction is truly capturing the hearts of fans.

As Ranger Trucco continues to experiment with his music, he is not only expanding his own horizons but also contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music. This new chapter in his career signifies a thrilling direction and underlines his relentless pursuit of musical growth. Keep an ear out for this rising star's future releases - they are certain to be boundary-pushing and heart-capturing, just like Ranger Trucco himself.

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