What's In Your Rekordbox with Archie Hamilton

Aug 18, 2022

Jonah Flint

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Archie Hamilton has made a name for himself through his prowess as a master selector and producer, maintaining a distinct sonic identity over the years, and bringing a fresh take to the world of minimal house and techno.

Archie’s signature sound can overflows with vigorous bass lines, out-of-this-world synths, and builds that give his tracks and sets an ethereal atmosphere. His new Motion Lotion EP is coming out soon and he spoke to Gray Area about the inspiration behind it, and some tracks he is currently loving to play out.

“I got married in May 2022 and had some time off with my beautiful wife, and spent quality time with family and friends,” he said. “But once reality kicked in and the summer touring was in full swing, I was so excited to head back into the studio that this EP basically just wrote itself. I guess it was itching to come out.”

In spite of this highly anticipated release, Archie Hamilton was more interested in talking about music from (mostly) other artists. Below are five tracks he’s been rinsing during his performances across the globe.

1. Local Dub - Bestnotask [HOARDER, 2021]

“I love the futuristic sound of this EP, and this track in particular has an amazing effect on the dance floor: everyone locked into a groove together having an eyes shut moment,” says Archie. The idea of such an instant is emblematic of the Archie Hamilton sound. His selections have the tendency to put you in a trance and will allow you to simply relax, enjoy the beats, and let go as the hours slip away.

2. Space Bunny - Space Bunny [Surreal, 1997]

“All time classic for me, this one!” says Archie. “Super fun, groovy, and twisted with a killer acid line — definitely something for the early morning.” One could imagine Archie dropping this track as the night turns into morning during one his many iconic Club Space sets. The track has a genuinely alien feel, with NASA-inspired vocals, a trippy bass line, and a rapid drum pattern to truly suck the listener in.

3. DJ Life - The Pluck [Lobster Theremin, 2021]

“This track is such a trip — so funky and groovy, which is great on the dance floor, but it’s also really introspective,” says Archie. “Music for the head and feet.” Cascading synths truly make this track pop. The sounds bounce up and down, and left to right throughout the six-minute masterpiece. A simply contagious beat gives the listener a feeling of distortion and energy in all the right ways.

4. Mennie - Fusion [Denser, Forthcoming - September 2022]

“This has been smashing every set for me,” says Archie. “Pair a sick groove, some triumphant, ravey lead chord stabs, and a catchy vocal hook, and you’ve got a winning combination.” On the more upbeat side for Archie, the unreleased “Fusion” by Mennie carries tones of ’90s rave music with its upbeat lead and Fatboy Slim-reminiscent vocal sample. This is a track for any time of night: a perfect party starter, peak time banger, or even a funky, late-night interjection if the energy in the room is dropping.

5. Archie Hamilton - Motion Lotion [MircoHertz, Forthcoming 2022]

“Bit of self-promotion here, but I am really happy with this track from my new EP on MicroHertz,” says Archie. “The funky bassline that comes from nowhere halfway through the track always catches people pleasantly by surprise.”

The unreleased “Motion Lotion” is simply a defining track of the Archie Hamilton sound. A jagged, funky bass line permeates the arrangement, forcing you to bob your head as you try and understand all of the intricate sound design going on elsewhere in the dynamic range. As Archie himself says, the track continues to surprise as each time you get comfortable, a new synth or vocal lead jumps in.

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