The Tracks That Made Me: Archie Hamilton

Jul 19, 2022

Melisa Yuriar

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London-based Archie Hamilton has a palate that was heavily influenced by the sounds he consumed growing up in Wales and clubbing in London—The Prodigy’s discography was one insatiable obsession. House and trance records were another.

The minimal-house selector has over a decade of experience curating and creating dynamic techno and house records. Hamilton’s love for producing irresistible cuts over the years has led him to create two successful imprints—MicroHertz and Moss Co.—all the while performing at some of the most esteemed international festival stages and music venues of the likes of Circoloco, Parklife, Amnesia, elrow, and fabric.

We asked Archie to share five tracks that shaped and inspired his journey to becoming the acclaimed label boss and DJ we know today.

1. Leftfield - Storm 3000

Pick any track from this album, it was the soundtrack to my youth! Storm 3000 was an early intro into drum and bass for me, which I then got much more into when I started going clubbing in London. I remember constantly tapping the drum rhythm with my fingers in my classes at school, and getting lost in the pads when I walked home.

2. The Prodigy - Voodoo People

The Prodigy was my first electronic music obsession. The first three albums absolutely blew my mind—the energy is just unreal and I loved their personalities and the whole band aesthetic. Hard to choose a favorite from their catalog, but I chose this one because the video is so totally amazing!

3. Chemical Brothers - Chico’s Groove

I think Exit Planet Dust was the first electronic album I ever bought—I got it on tape from Woolworths (a now non-existent chain of stores that sold absolutely everything). Chico’s Groove really reminds me of driving ‘round the countryside where I grew up in Wales in the summer with my mum and cousins when we were kids. It’s got a really familiar and comforting feel to it.

4. Nalin and Kane - Beachball

I absolutely love this and still play it today. It hits that sweet spot between deep melancholy and joyful abandon. Soft M1 organ, loose percussion and the vocal is ace—so many fond memories of this record!

5. Three Drives on a Vinyl - Greece 2000

I went through a huge trance phase as a teenager—I think most DJs of my generation did. I could have picked a hundred tracks, but I think this has to be the winner.

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