5 Tracks That Define Archie Hamilton’s Microhertz Records

Jul 19, 2022

Melisa Yuriar

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London-based house and techno DJ Archie Hamilton’s music is as distinguishable as his name. A permanent fixture on festival lineups, the UK selector, is known for producing some of the most illustrious house records in the last decade. His recently rebranded imprint MicroHertz is where you’ll find his latest original minimal-house releases and plenty of internationally sourced cuts—the best in alternative house and techno.

We’ve chosen five of our favorite Microhertz Records releases to give you a sampling of what the imprint has to offer.

1. Floog - Sepe Patru

The Bucharest-based artist—heavily inspired by musicians of the likes of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, and Pink Floyd—began his career in the 90s by toying with a friend’s Roland analog synth and experimenting with the sounds on his computer’s production software. In the years that followed, Floog has honed his sound into one that’s distinctly his own. “Sepe Patru” is a deeply melodic tech house cut encapsulating his minimal approach to the genre while providing a uniquely immersive listening experience.

2. Archie Hamilton (feat. Molly Green) - Our Time

“Our Time,” released in 2021, is an intensely euphoric house cut. With a winding bassline, resounding kicks, and jazzy, soulful vocals from Bristol-born songstress Molly Green, “Our Time” is essential listening for fans of Hamilton and the MicroHertz label.

3. Dos Equis - Archie Hamilton

Re-released on the label’s tenth-anniversary compilation, “Dos Equis” is sensual, trip-hop-infused tech house. Initially released in 2018, the song is a blazing dancefloor cut. Hamilton demonstrates his mixing prowess on the updated iteration. The track’s soundscape, while atmospheric, simultaneously drives listeners on a journey—syrupy vocal loops intertwine with organic samples to create one unforgettable tech house tune.

4. Toman - Guarulhos

This heady, synth-heavy release was one of three tracks unveiled by the imprint less than two years ago from Toman’s critically-acclaimed Feel for You EP. The Amsterdam-based DJ’s career took off in 2017 in a meteoric fashion upon the release of his debut via the revered Cyclic label. His second EP further cemented the prodigious talent, who would go on to perform at Awakenings, Straf_werk festival, and various venerated German clubs of the likes of Leipzig’s Distillery and Berlin’s Watergate.

5. Archie Hamilton, Benson Herbert - Swerve

Featuring meticulous production from Miriam Records label founder Benson Herbert, “Swerve” is an enchanting collaborative house tune between the two UK-based DJs. Herbert, a frequent fixture at numerous revered institutions Rex Club and fabric, had produced house music under a plethora of pseudonyms and stage names over the years. It wasn’t long until he began to take producing seriously—releasing projects on Hamilton’s label garnered him the support he was missing to launch his own label and establish his solo project.

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