Early Archie Hamilton: 5 Cuts that have Stood the Test of Time

Aug 18, 2022

John Cameron

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U.K. DJ and producer Archie Hamilton did not become a globetrotting act overnight. He founded Microhertz Records in 2009 and began releasing music after cutting his teeth as a DJ for many years — but it wasn’t until 2013 that he was able to quit his job in tech sales to pursue a career in music full-time.

Since he’s focussed all his energy on music, the hits have been many. From the darker tech house flavor of “Mind Blank” to the upbeat verve of “Kick It” to the singalong appeal of “Our Time” featuring Molly Green, Archie’s left an indelible mark on house music.

That’s not to discount his early music. Archie Hamilton’s early discography brims with quality releases and a distinct underground appeal that speaks to how refined his tastes were at the beginning of his career. Below are five tracks from that period that still hold up.

1. I Forget

Archie Hamilton inaugurated Microhertz Records in 2009 with the Introductions EP Part 1. His contribution to the effort was “I Forget,” a song whose smooth, resonant bass line was miles ahead of most music being released at the time. The EP was the first of many “focused solely on introducing fresh, young, creative producers to the scene.”

2. Two Time

“Two Time” demonstrated the versatility of Archie Hamilton’s inventive approach to sound design. An infectious groove suffused with organic percussive elements is punctuated every several measures by risers that give the track a psychedelic effect. Foley effects and reverb delays at the breakdown provide the listener an expertly timed respite.

3. Stathis Lazarides & Archie Hamilton - Monophonie

Stathis Lazarides pulled Archie Hamilton in a more experimental direction for the two artists’ collaborative Numbmania EP. Characterized by dense foley recordings and contemplative atmospheres, the 2012 record remains one of Archie’s most minimal to date. Of the three tracks comprising the EP, “Monophonie” has the closest thing to a melody.

4. Archie Hamilton & Patrice Meiner - Antithesis

Brooding and hypnotic, “Antithesis” by Archie Hamilton and Patrice Meiner goes through a series of novel changes throughout its seven-and-a-half-minute runtime. It appeared on a collaborative EP of the song’s namesake, marking the two artists’ first release together. It came out on Genial in 2013 and included remixes by Igor Vicente and Dubsons.

5. Stathis Lazarides & Archie Hamilton - Untold Drama

“Untold Drama” appeared on an EP of its namesake via Body Parts Records, marking the second collaborative EP between Stathis Lazarides and Archie Hamilton. It shows a refinement of Archie’s unconventional approach to sound design, along with a luminous synth that rings out intermittently for added ambience. This was the period in which Archie’s career took flight, and the inspiration is evident in the music he released at the time.

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