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Agents Of Time is the creative property and alias of the two performers, Andrea Di Ceglie and Luigi Tutolo. A respected and acclaimed two ­person live show, Agents of Time are masterful DJs and experts to their own studio style and sound. Since beginning their adventure together as Agents Of Time, the Italian pair has merged their skills and common styles to achieve a universally beloved electronic dance act, and has subsequently released their work on multiple leading labels in the industry along the way. They have a key influence and role model to honor in the making of their music. They found a great portion of inspiration for their live performance set with the Canadian electronic music producer, expert performer and label owner, Mathew Jonson. The members of Agents of Time both feel Jonson has earned recognition as a collaborator in their work as the two experience such success with his influence in mind. Agents of Time’s first studio collaboration with Jonson, “Repeating Patterns, Numbers and Letters,” came out in March 2019 and was followed by live shows at Rex Club in Paris and Movement Festival in Torino. The duo’s DJ set was created with intention and allows them to express their desired vision across mediums, from the stage to the studio to streaming platforms.

Agents of Time’s boisterous energy and intoxicating sound range is displayed through house, techno and more obscure subgenres. They describe their work in the studio as a ritual, a true extension of the performance they carry out on stage. Their debut album, Spread The Word, was released with Stem Records in 2014. They continued to release their work in the form of smash EPs for Ellum Audio, Curle Recording, and their very own label, Obscura. Their working relationship with the musical duo, Tale Of Us, and numerous showings at Afterlife events has also led to Agents Of Time signing with Afterlife Recordings, with whom they released the Dream Vision EP and track “Paradigm” seen on the Realm Of Consciousness compilation.

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