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In the ever-evolving landscape of techno music, Alex Stein stands as a figure of genuine artistry and continuous growth. His journey, marked by introspection and a relentless pursuit of personal authenticity, offers a compelling narrative in the world of music. The Genesis of Authenticity Stein's story begins with a revelation, a moment of clarity that reshaped his approach to music. He speaks candidly about the early phase of his career, a time when the allure of external validation and the pursuit of popularity often overshadowed his artistic instincts. However, with experience and maturity, Stein experienced a pivotal shift. He began to create music not for the masses but for himself, a transition that marked the beginning of a more fulfilling and authentic artistic path. Embracing the Creative Process Stein's philosophy extends beyond mere sound production. He emphasizes the joy found in the creative process, particularly during the early stages of a musician's journey. He fondly recalls the excitement of discovery, the thrill of experimenting with new techniques, instruments, and plugins. This period, he notes, is often the most vibrant and rewarding, filled with uncharted possibilities and unfiltered creativity. The Challenge of the Digital Age In an era dominated by social media and digital presence, Stein reflects on the changing dynamics of the music industry. He acknowledges the necessity of an online persona, a stark contrast to the early days of his career when the focus was solely on the music and the live experience. Despite his initial love for platforms like Instagram, he admits that the obligation to maintain a digital presence can sometimes taint the artistic experience, turning it into a business necessity rather than a pure expression of art. Global Recognition and Personal Milestones Stein's career is dotted with significant milestones that underscore his global appeal. He reminisces about his first tour in Australia, a moment that illuminated the far-reaching impact of his music. This experience was a testament to the power of music, transcending geographical boundaries and resonating with audiences worldwide. Another highlight was his performance at Tomorrowland, a dream realized, offering an unforgettable experience of connection and euphoria. A Bold Move to Berlin Perhaps one of the most defining moments in Stein's career was his decision to move to Berlin. Leaving behind a successful career in Brazil, he embarked on a journey that was as much about personal discovery as it was about musical exploration. This move signified a willingness to embrace the unknown, to leave comfort for the sake of artistic growth. In Berlin, Stein found a new creative impetus, drawing inspiration from the city's diverse techno scene and integrating these influences into his unique sound. Rekindling Collaborations Stein's recent collaboration with Victor, after nearly a decade, marks a full-circle moment. It's a reunion that celebrates their shared history and the evolution of their individual journeys. This collaboration, born out of a renewed connection and mutual respect, highlights the importance of relationships and shared creative visions in the music industry. A Continuous Evolution Alex Stein's story is one of evolution, a journey marked by self-discovery, artistic integrity, and the willingness to adapt to the changing tides of the music industry. His narrative is a reminder that in the world of techno, authenticity and personal growth are as important as the music itself. Stein's journey continues to inspire, demonstrating that the heart of a true artist lies in the continuous pursuit of personal truth and artistic expression.

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