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Catori, a unique presence in the house music scene, weaves soundscapes that move effortlessly between organic deep house and ambient meditation. Based in Brooklyn, Catori is equally comfortable working with electronic and acoustic mediums. Her creations fill the room and transform the environment during her sets

Raised in an environment that hummed with a diverse array of music styles, Catori's sonic roots stretch from Latin, Rock, and Reggae to the classical strains of voice and violin. This multi-faceted cultural background has shaped her distinctive musical approach, enriching her sound and performance with a depth and complexity that engages listeners.

Catori's international explorations also infuse her work, making it a truly global blend. Through her music, she crafts a tapestry of experiences and influences that mirror the wedith of her personal journey.

Catori's craft extends into the studio, where she has focuses her energies. Her efforts are bearing fruit, with a highly-anticipated debut EP set for release on Bespoke Musik. The news has already stirred excitement among her followers and the wider house music community, eager to experience her unique sonic imprint in a fresh format.

Over the years, Catori has built a reputable place for herself in multiple music communities. Her affiliations include respected names like Bespoke Musik, PYNK, and La Familia. She's been a part of the lineup at prominent music festivals such as Minus Zero Festival, Elements Music and Arts Festival along with bringing her unique sound to the Sonic Jungle, ZERO, and Authentica stages. Her performances at Burning Man, including her regular appearances at the Alborz, Bubbles and Bass, and Trifucta camps, have been particularly well-received.

Catori has shared the stage with notable talents including Acid Pauli, Mira, Goldcap, Nico Stojan, Kora, and Brian Cid. Yet she's more than just a name on a lineup or a resident DJ; Her performances are experiences that bridge the gap between listeners and artist, making each set a journey of shared exploration and discovery.

Catori, meaning 'Spirit' in Native American, is a testament to her music—vibrant, transcendent, and deeply rooted in her experiences. For fans and newcomers alike, Catori offers a distinct voice in the house music landscape—one that honors its diverse influences while charting its own unique course.

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