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Guy J, an Israeli DJ and producer, has conclusively proved himself to be a notably advanced and impassioned creator in electronic music. With a portfolio of outputs and a growing influence achieved in such a small time span, Guy J has unleashed the power of his true creative style. As a result, he has unearthed this erotic and psychedelic perspective on his work with house music and creates highly complex and atmospheric material with techno. Simply put, his work is consistently released with a sentiment and wonder that is unmatched.

At the young age of 14, Guy J began producing, steadfastly pursuing this profession with a great amount of dedication and gaining substantial equipment and experience along the way. It was at the age of 21 that Guy’s 2007 release, “Save Me,” became the output that launched his career. John Digweed, co-owner of Bedrock Records, signed the striking and climactic deep house track to his label, beginning a ripple of events that would dramatically alter Guy’s life. In 2008, Guy J debuted his first album, Esperanza, with Bedrock Records. This work featured a posh, celestial blend of electro house, techno, and electronica. His consecutive album, 1000 Words (2011), also released with Bedrock, dove further into extensive soundscapes and movement. Guy’s ability to achieve this balance of organic and electric is what makes his music so popular and enticing. His portfolio grew in its diversity when his work caught the attention of many different imprints, including Tiga’s eclectic label, Turbo. Guy now found himself featured on two labels belonging to two very different scenes in the music world, which is evidence of the  skillfulness and quality that can be attributed to his productions. 2012 is the year Guy went on to create his very own imprint, Lost & Found, a sub-label to Bedrock Records. This is where he released his own music and that of his favorite producers. Guy J also had an exciting release with the label, Cocoon, and performed some collaborations with other inspirational artists.

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