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Cera Khin is a hardcore techno and dense trance music producer known for playing “whatever the fuck she wants.” Initially raised in Tunisia and now currently based in Berlin, Khin’s DJ sets are built and performed with boundless and mystical energy that constantly leaves her fans wanting more. Her debut singles, “No Escape” and “Fully Belly,” were released in 2021 from her own label, LazyTapes, along with her Demons to Some Angels To Others EP. This EP exists as a development of her own personhood as she works with a particular duality in a really fearless way. Bitwixt horror and euphoria is where Cera Khin found and grasped her sound.

In one of her most notable interviews, Khin discusses her mission as producer and performer. The ultimate intention she carries for her work is to make powerful music that generates feelings of love and euphoria. She is quoted saying, "My mission as a DJ is to share the music I love with the people and make them lose their shit and forget all their worries. For me, playing music and energizing people goes hand in hand.” The energy she emits from her music performances is there to create an ecstatic crowd who cannot keep themselves from dancing and fully immersing themselves in her set. Khin goes on to say, “I‘m here to entertain people and have a great time all together. I also like dancing a lot. I literally can’t stand behind the booth without dancing and I need to sync my body moves with music to keep up the pace. I guess l’m also quite empathetic so it‘s easy for me to read a crowd and understand what vibe I should go for." In other words Khin knows exactly what she needs to do to keep her audience on their feet and moving to the beat.

With her daring methods for techno production, her limitless spirit, and her progressive outlook on music, Cera Khin has earned her title as an idol in hard electronic dance music.

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