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TOBEHONEST has emerged as a compelling figure in the electronic music landscape, with his origins tracing back to the lively atmosphere of Los Angeles. His initial steps in the music world were taken on the buzzing campuses of the University of Arizona, where his role as a DJ at fraternity parties laid a solid foundation for a career that was destined to flourish remarkably.

Blending the rhythmic essence of Latin melodies with the pulsating vibes of European beats, TOBEHONEST has crafted a sound that propels him to the forefront of the tech house genre. His tracks, notably "Daka" and "Maquina de Bailar," have not only secured spots on Beatport's Top 100 chart but have also garnered praise from industry giants such as Chris Lake, Fisher, and John Summit. His music's widespread appeal is evident in its massive streaming numbers across Europe and South America, highlighting his global influence.

TOBEHONEST is more than a mere performer; he is a manifestation of Los Angeles' vibrant, enthusiastic, and limitlessly creative ethos.

His narrative extends from his time as an energetic University of Arizona fraternity member with a passion for sports to the deep-seated family values that guide him. This journey from campus DJ to globally recognized music artist illustrates a story of genuine relationships and an undying quest for joy through the medium of music.

With two Beatport top 100’s from Daka and Maquina de Bailar, TOBEHONEST is a stable across the Tech House genre. TBH has been delivering with every track he has come out with since the start of 2022.

The trajectory of TOBEHONEST's career is reflected in his tour history, which features memorable shows at leading venues like Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles, Brooklyn Mirage in New York, Concourse Project in Austin, Mission Ballroom in Denver, and The Library at Marquee in Las Vegas. His appearances at prominent festivals such as EDC and Beyond Wonderland signal his rising stature in the realm of dance music.

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