Catch These Stunning B2Bs and Live Sets at Time Warp USA

Nov 12, 2021

Maria Marcano

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After an unforeseeable two-year hiatus, the world’s leading indoor techno festival makes its monumental return to the states. On November 19th and 20th, Time Warp US will transport attendees to another dimension with its otherworldly attributes and spellbinding soundscapes spanning two modernized dance floors in a brand new Brooklyn location. 

Recognized for its entrancing lineups packed with techno’s finest, and cutting-edge audio and visual production design, this industrialized area in the city that never sleeps hosts the perfect underground environment for a beaming techno-infused celebration of this caliber. 

Time Warp US never ceases to astonish, but this year’s highly-anticipated production welcomes some extraordinary b2b performances and live acts that will add an unusual touch to the already alluring festival. 

What makes Time Warp so special is its unwavering devotion to techno, consistent authenticity, and sense of community throughout each installment. If you’re planning on attending next weekend, read on to gain more insight on seven Time Warp US b2b sets and live acts you don’t want to miss!


Ben Klock b2b Marcel Dettman


German techno titans Ben Klock and Marcel Dettman will bring a taste of that true Berlin sound everyone just can’t seem to get enough of. The Berghain club mainstays and resident DJs never fail to stir up a crowd with their flawless chemistry on the decks, always fusing their slightly distinct approaches to techno in the most harmonious manner. After catching a glimpse of their recent b2b set at Secret Project Festival during ADE last month, there’s no doubt this upcoming performance will leave attendees begging for more. 



Seth Troxler b2b Jamie Jones 


Fans were already thrilled for a Seth Troxler solo set since he was announced on the lineup in phase one. A few weeks ago, the festival curators unveiled that he would be playing alongside Welsh Hot Creations label boss Jamie Jones, an unexpected—yet welcome— surprise. After living in dance music-savvy cities like Detroit, Berlin, London, and Ibiza, Troxler has established himself as one of underground house and techno’s most iconic artists. Combined with Jamie Jones’ innovative soundscapes, this is one dynamic duo you won’t want to skip out on. 






Mink b2b O.Bee

Brooklyn native Mink has made a name for himself across NYC’s thriving music scene with his groundbreaking performances and all-encompassing compositions. Slated to take the stage next to Istanbul-born Brooklyn-based O.BEE, the two talented musicians will enlighten festival-goers with their rebellious, forward-thinking sounds during their unified Time Warp US debut. Both known for incorporating classic New York flavor into their sets, there’s a reason these two flourishing acts were enlisted for the festival this time around. 


Ricardo Villalobos b2b Craig Richards


Ricardo Villalobos has been fond of all things music from a young age, and it displays on every single note and melody he shares with fans across the globe. Born in Chile but raised in Germany, the acclaimed DJ and producer is inspired by both countries’ musical histories and is now acknowledged as a leading pioneer of the minimal techno genre. The Time Warp veteran returns alongside nightlife prodigy Craig Richards, whose diversified musical background and captivating techno ensembles mesh perfectly with Villalobos’ exotic beats. While it’ll be hard to top their 2019 b2b set, we’re excited to see these two live in action again.


KiNK (Live)


Bulgarian artist KiNK wears various hats within the industry but is particularly praised for his state-of-the-art, experimental live performances. The blooming DJ, producer, and beatmaker uses intricate analog machines in conjunction with CDJs when performing on stage, and each performance portrays his impressive sound mixing capabilities and musical expertise in the most alluring manner. KiNK will bring his passion for mixing and his live futuristic techno sounds to Brooklyn as he debuts at Time Warp next weekend!



Reinier Zonneveld (Live)


Reinier Zonneveld is living proof that you can turn your dreams into reality if you give it your absolute all. The self-taught Dutch musician’s decision to drop everything and dedicate all of his time and effort to solely creating techno has surely paid off. Zonneveld’s mesmerizing sonic elements are influenced greatly by his never-ending love for classical music and life-changing warehouse rave experiences, and he brings these devotions to life exquisitely during each live performance. Only he can master intertwining deep and melodic tones with heart rate-inducing acid techno in a live setting. 




Stephan Bodzin (Live)


Always humming to the beat of his own drum, Stephan Bodzin has established his own uniquely curated corner of techno. The renowned instrumentalist has headlined some of the world’s most influential venues and festivals, always captivating fans with his ethereal, mind-altering soundscapes. For those who’ve witnessed any of his live sets, it feels like you’re in a dream. A true storyteller on the dance floor, Bodzin portrays his authenticity and impassioned artistic vision flawlessly through each hypnotic melody and live performance. 


Aside from these peculiar b2b sets and live acts, all the other remarkable artists on this year’s Time Warp US lineup have a story of their own to tell through their individual mind-bending sounds, so make sure to indulge in as many different performances as possible throughout the festival. There’s a reason why Time Warp made its way across the Atlantic to New York City a few years back, and we’re just as thrilled as you are for its massive return!

For more information on Time Warp USA including time slots, full lineup, and tickets visit their website

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