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Christian Wedekind, more widely known by his onstage moniker, D-Nox, is known in dance music both for his solo work and for his collaborative efforts with Frank Beckers under the name D-Nox & Beckers. D-Nox’s sound, which is often described as a blend of various genres of house, peppered with elements of trance and techno, has helped establish the Germany-based DJ and producer as an international act and widely recognized name. And with Beckers, the duo’s signature take on progressive house has certainly done the same.

D-Nox has been spinning since 1992, and his sound has led to gigs at notable venues including Buenos Aires’ Club Bahrain, Miami’s Treehouse, and Las Vegas’s Terminal 5. He’s also booked sets at festivals like Portugal’s Boom Festival, Brazil’s Tribe Festival, Camp Electric at the Dead Sea in Israel, and many more. With Beckers, Wedekind has expanded upon these exotic locales, traveling to India to play a set for the Festival of Colors as well as to gracing the stage at festivals like O.Z.O.R.A. Festival in Hungary.

Thus far in his career, D-Nox boasts a prolific discography, spanning singles, EPs, and compilation albums, both through his solo work and his collaborations as one half of D-Nox and Beckers. With Beckers, he has shared two full-length albums, 2007’s ‘Left Behind’—on the label Electribe—and 2011’s ‘Distance,’ released on Tronic. Outside of his creative partnership with Beckers, Wedekind has notably collaborated with artists like Stereo Underground—with whom has released two EPs—Gai Barone, Victor Ruiz, Baya, LENN V, and many more.

Wedekind is also at the helm of his own label, Sprout Music Record, which he minted in 2001. Through this platform, the artist has given rise to a variety of notable artists including Claudio Masso, Stereo Express, DJ ZAC, Frank Sonic, and many more.

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