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Columbian-born Gabriela Jimeno, better known as her artist name Ela Minus, is a multi-instrumentalist producer and DJ. Unlike most electronic producers, Jimeno doesn't use a laptop in any part of her production or live performances. Instead, she uses only hardware machines and her voice, creating everything from scratch herself.

Now based in Brooklyn, New York, the nearly lifelong musician began playing instruments at 11 years old, starting with the drums and eventually playing in emo and hardcore bands. At age 18, Jimeno moved to the United States to study at Berklee College of Music, double minoring in jazz drumming and synthesizer design. This is where she fell in love with electronic sounds and improvisational jazz; and where she began learning new ways to create music.

Taking inspiration from Kraftwerk and early Daft Punk, she focuses on analog machines such as synthesizers and makes it her challenge to not use a single computer-generated sound. And she does exactly that with all of her music and live performances.

Her early work, dating back to 2017, put her name out there, but the release of her debut full-length project in October 2020 solidified her place in electronic music. During such a politically tense time, acts of rebellion speaks to and for minorities, standing up and advocating for the oppressed, herself included. She shares messages of self-love, resistance, and empowerment. Though her topics are serious and emotionally fueled, she has a vibrant sound that follows her mantra, ‘bright music for dark times.’

Ela Minus has performed her analog-driven arrangements across the world, including at Coachella, Primavera Sound, III Points, Pitchfork, and Lollapalooza. She is currently on a Summer 2022 tour, hitting festivals and venues across the United States and Europe, including Lost Village in the UK and Lowlands in the Netherlands.

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