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There are very few figures in dance music holding up the title of “Pure DJ” any more. Artists who truly honor the roots of this culture (which DJs created) by putting their all into defining a unique sound of their own simply through their curation abilities and impeccable ear for music.

Lauren Andrew, who hits the decks all over the world under the name La La, is one of those artists and she is holding up the title of “Pure DJ” quite well.

Born in Glasgow, Lauren grew up in a culture that is known around the world for its first rate dance parties. Music selection is in the cloud-covered air swirling around that city, and so it was only natural she would eventually purchase decks from the Glasgow record store, Rubadub.

The next part of the story that also happened very naturally consisted of Lauren getting regular gigs. She quickly landed a residency at the celebrated establishment, FLY Club, and she has maintained that title for the past nine years.

With that accolade under her belt everyone around Scotland knew she was the one to call for expert curation. She started throwing parties at Sub Club, undoubtedly one of the most famous clubs on Earth, with artists like Nicolas Jaar and Dimitri from Paris.

In May of 2019 she landed yet another benchmark in the career of any impressive DJ with a Boiler room set where she joined Folamour and Kornel Kovacs on the live streamed program, and just three months later she was invited back.

Now she is also a regular on the legendary radio station Rinse FM as well as global events like Circoloco.

Basically the point is that her sets are easy to find whether you’re watching her live or not. She is always delivering sets to eager fans whenever she can because at the end of the day DJing is about the people, and Laura is a Pure DJ at heart.

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