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Long before tech house was the “it” genre of global dance music, Lauren Lane was purporting the sound with style and grace. Despite her succinct ability to tap into modern flavor, she honors the old sound like a true raver-turned artist.

Lane has been producing and performing this true-to-core sound for over a decade now, hitting major clubs in historic dance music destinations like New York and Ibiza as well as newly forming hotspots like Los Angeles and Tulum. She’s also hit up some of the biggest festivals in the world including Coachella, Glastonbury, TomorrowWorld and BPM, and on the White Isle, she’s been known to grace the decks at  Paradise, ANTS, Music On and Hï.

But for Lane, this sense of style stretches far beyond any sort of musical endeavors. She’s started her own brand of eyewear aptly titled Lane Eyewear that’s sold in Ibiza (where sunglasses are essential for days spent partying). Her goal with the brand was to combine three styles in one pair, IE she’s bringing the same type of versatility to her fashion as she does to her music.

That same versatility exists within Lane’s own record label RECREATION. Launched back in 2019, her remix of legendary 90's trio TLC's "Creep" remains the label’s only release at the current moment, but she’s set the bar so high with that remix and its ability to honor the original while demonstrating her own style, whatever’s coming next is bound to be huge. Almost as huge as Lane’s releases on Edible, No. 19, Warung and Saved Records and more.

Lane has certainly been taking advantage of tech house’s newfound spot in the sun, and she’s done so without sacrificing one bit of her artistic integrity. An example that will surely reverberate into the next wave of young dance artists.

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