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Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Paskal Daze was many things before he was an electronic music artist. He was a hockey player fascinated with astronomy and history. He also once dreamt of being a chef before discovering electronic music. “And oh, I’m obsessed with shoes,” he continues (Music Is 4 Lovers). At just 14 years old, the future producer attended his first DJ event in Montreal which sparked his interest in that career path.

Daze was first introduced to the creation of electronic music through his friend Stephan Vesselinov who helped him learn the ropes. This partnership led the two DJs to becoming a duo, Paskal&Vesselinov, which landed them multiple big gigs.

Paskal Daze eventually went solo describing his sound as Tech House. However, in his interview with Music Is 4 Lovers, he expresses that he doesn’t go into the studio with a genre in mind, he just starts with an idea and the journey continues from there. “Underground music is not about following the trends or following a genre. It’s about beats, rhythm, touching people’s soul,” explains Daze.

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