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Hailing from the contrasting landscapes of Mississippi and Los Angeles, Will and Alex's collaboration was sparked by the virtual admiration for each other's musical prowess. The moniker "Sunday Scaries" itself embodies the duo's relatable post-weekend emotions, a sentiment familiar to anyone who has experienced the aftermath of a night filled with revelry.

Their journey began with the crafting of their debut release, 'Cali Girls,' in December 2019, as a testament to their online synergy. The partnership flourished when Ezell made the move to Los Angeles, solidifying their collaboration in person. Subsequently, they both embarked on an internship at a record label, paving the way for Sunday Scaries to secure a label signing. The turning point came with the release of 'Chill Like That' in 2022—a viral hit that not only sparked a TikTok trend but also ascended Spotify's Viral Charts on a global scale.

While rooted in the EDM and club scene, Sunday Scaries' music transcends genre boundaries, incorporating elements of rap, indie, and pop. Their tracks, marked by high-energy beats and unforgettable breakdowns, resonate with both seasoned house enthusiasts and those stepping into the club scene for the first time.

The duo's success is evident in their impressive stats, boasting over 50 million streams across various platforms and maintaining a dedicated following of over 1 million monthly listeners. With a penchant for captivating performances, Sunday Scaries has already graced the stage as opening acts for renowned artists like DJ Snake and Louis the Child, leaving an indelible mark on cities such as Las Vegas and Cabo.

As Sunday Scaries continues to ascend the ranks in the EDM world, their infectious beats are sure to reverberate through clubs and festivals worldwide. From their humble beginnings in Mississippi to their current status as global EDM sensations, Sunday Scaries invites audiences to join them in curbing those Sunday blues and embracing the electrifying energy that defines their musical journey.

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