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According to an interview with Mixmag, Peggy Gou, the Berlin-based DJ, producer, and label boss, thinks giraffes are nature’s most peaceful animal. So distinct that they are sought after by animal aficionados around the world, and yet so relaxed even though they only need 30 minutes of sleep every night.

Such characteristics are entirely reminiscent of Gou when she is rocking the decks in one of the countless international destinations she’s helmed in her relatively short career. Calm, cool, collected, but so distinct in her style.

A Peggy Gou set is one of flavor and taste instead of genre. Nothing is off-limits for her. If it involves some type of danceability she’s down for it, and she makes everyone on the dancefloor down for it, too.

It’s this kind of fluid consistency that made her the first-ever South Korean DJ to perform at Berghain while she’s also enjoyed major bookings like Coachella, Parklife, Kappa Futur, and many more.

Like many artists in the modern landscape of electronic music, she doesn’t rely on a heavy release schedule to maintain her presence, but when she does decide to release music, she brings that same combination of surprise and expectation. As in everyone expects it to be great, but no one expects the sonic quality.

Early releases on rekids, Radio Slave’s longstanding imprint, and the always impressive Ninja Tune established her production career, but soon the idea of folding into anyone else’s musical boundaries simply wasn’t an option for Gou. She launched her own label, Gudu, in 2019 which has housed all of her subsequent releases along with exciting new artists like Brain De Palma and Mogwaa.

Like a giraffe, Gou’s career will remain easy to spot in the growing crowd of electronic artists, and those who do spot her will notice she’s totally zen about the whole deal. She’s just happy to be here.

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