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When doing research into the Moscow-based dance duo Phlegmatic Dogs, there is one very short, very simple sentence that comes up most often and most prominently:

“We do bass.”

Concise. To the point. Absent any ability to misconstrue the meaning. Phlegmatic Dogs do bass and they do it well.

Since 2016, the duo has been regular contributors to AC Slater’s now revered record label, Night Bass Records. Through this label and event brand, Slater has made bass house into a widely accepted subsection of dance music culture, and the music of Phlegmatic Dogs has been instrumental in making that happen.

In listening through their nine different original releases in the Night Bass catalog, along with their several other offerings on various compilations and remix duties, their approach to this newly established sound is one of shrouded grit and sheltered intensity.

Their latest single, “Crop” harnesses the same kind of distorted, buzzsaw synths frequently applied in the UK garage styles AC Slater has consistently cited as a primary influence for his label's sound.

When Phlegmatic Dogs put them into practice, they serve as a contrast, a way to demonstrate just how effective they are at channeling pure energy into the tightest and more refined package possible. It’s like the energy goes from zero to 100 then back to zero then up to 100 again, but it’s actually at 100 the whole time.

Phlegmatic Dogs have made entries in labels outside of Night Bass as well including Insomniac’s platform for rising stars IN/ROTATION and Kaskade’s Arkade.

They’ve also hit the international festival circuit, touching down at renowned events like Sziget Festival in Hungary, and the cruise ship festival, Friendship.

All this success from Phlegmatic Dogs comes from their very simple, very straightforward mission:

“We do bass.”

They are still doing bass to this day and they will keep doing it for years to come.

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