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Rinas, the dynamic queer duo based out of Orlando, have made waves in the city's vibrant underground electronic scene, carving out a unique niche for themselves with their boundary-pushing performances and an unwavering commitment to inclusive soundscapes.

Composed of Arina Krondeva and Averina Singh, Rinas is known for electrifying live sets that move effortlessly through genres and timelines. Their sound, described as a technicolor soundtrack, is characterized by its ethereal energy and intensity, creating an inviting atmosphere for all on the dance floor.

Their beginnings with the residency at Zelos Audio in Orlando laid the groundwork for the duo's captivating performances. Since then, they've managed to command the attention of promoters such as BoilerRoom and Factory93, along with festival debuts at III Points and Okeechobee Music Festival. Their influence has extended across the Florida scene, further solidifying their standing as a must-watch act in the electronic music circuit. In addition to their successful performances, Rinas have shared stages with a multitude of notable artists. From Anfisa Letyago, Bart Skills, and Black Loops, to Eli Brown, Gina Turner, Justin Jay, and QRTR, the list of collaborations and appearances is an impressive testament to their talent and wide-ranging appeal.

Rinas' story serves as a compelling example of the power of diversity and creativity in music. As they continue to rise in prominence, their inclusive ethos and genre-blending performances promise to attract even larger audiences to the dance floor. Their journey is a clear indicator that they are just getting started, and fans and critics alike eagerly await what this talented duo will deliver next.

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