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Born in France, Sirus Hood's love for House Music was ignited at a young age. By age 10, mixtapes from a famed Algiers club, gifted to him by older friends, filled his ears with captivating beats. A move to Paris a few years later set the stage for his journey into the world of DJing. At 18, with his first set of vinyl turntables, Sirus began his ascent in the Parisian club scene, becoming a familiar face behind the decks.

But Sirus wasn't just content spinning tracks; he had a vision. He evolved into a self-taught producer, launching his music project under the name we now recognize: Sirus Hood. In an era dominated by social media, Sirus took a unique route. Instead of relying on online platforms, he chose to build his audience purely through his music and word-of-mouth. This strategy resonated with fans; when he finally embraced social media, the response was massive.

Sirus's music, deeply influenced by the Chicago House movement of the 80-90s and the Balearic vibes of Ibiza, found homes on notable labels. Tracks like "Welcome To The Hood" EP (2014) on CUFF and "Third Eye" EP (2016) on Dirtybird cemented his reputation. Later, the "Rip Tide" EP, released in 2020 on Jamie Jones' prestigious Hot Creations label, marked a significant milestone in his career.

Always keen to innovate, Sirus introduced 'Mood Edits' with Manda Moor on Bandcamp. This concept, offering a limited-time series of edited tracks, earned the nods from big names like The Martinez Brothers and Loco Dice.

Throughout his career, Sirus has graced stages at premier venues, from Sankeys Ibiza and Eden Ibiza to Ministry Of Sound in London and Social Club in Paris. His music knows no boundaries, captivating crowds from Europe to South America, Australia, South Africa, and beyond.

House music legends, including Jamie Jones, Nina Kraviz, and Marco Carola, frequently spin Sirus's tracks, a testament to his prowess. Today, as charts regularly feature his releases, Sirus Hood continues to evolve, dedicated to producing distinct and captivating tracks that resonate with fans worldwide.

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