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In the midst of a chat, German electronic duo Tube & Berger are quick to mention the artistic “flow state” present throughout their musical process. With over two decades of consistently charting new ground in tech house, it’s no surprise they can access an intuitive level of creative consciousness. This state of being has sustained their core sound and allowed them to continue their sonic evolution into a third decade of possibilities. After meeting on a school bus and bonding over a shared love of punk music, Arndt Rörig and Marko Vidovic dove into the genre together before beginning to integrate electronic instruments into their work. They recall that “at some point we got totally lost in electronic music” once those new elements began to take shape. Thus, the now-recognizable iteration of Tube & Berger was born. Germany was an electronic hotspot at the time, fostering many creative acts in addition to Tube & Berger. The duo were less focused on participating in the zeitgeist than challenging themselves, however. They explain, “Musically, we’ve always been open to new things, always interested in what’s waiting outside and going new ways. “ That notion rings especially true of their breakout 2004 single “Straight Ahead,” an international smash that was unmistakably electronic yet subtly nodded to their rock roots. Organic percussion and a feature from legendary Pretenders vocalist Chrissie Hynde created a bridge between the sounds that all started on a school bus while hinting toward a vision for the future of house music. Looking back on the success of “Straight Ahead,” the duo reflect, “We never expected to have such an impact in electronic music. I mean, the deep [and] tech house was formed in that time, so now looking back, we are happy to be part of the shaping of those music genres and also glad it worked out so well. So to all the youngsters, don’t be afraid to dive into something new. There is always someone who did it first and you just have to put your own unique style and note to it.” Around the release of their seminal single, Tube & Berger also founded Kittball Records, a label that started as a “just-for-fun” endeavor before eventually snowballing into a respected curator of house music. Self-releasing music while curating releases from other artists like Sascha Braemer, Oliver Schories, and Moonwalk is another extension of the passion for electronic music that’s carried Tube & Berger well into the ’20s. They express gratitude for how Kittball has grown, remarking, “It evolved so quickly—we are so happy to have amazing artist releases on our label since then.” Over the years, Tube & Berger have maintained a consistent stream of successful tunes, one being the 2013 outing “Impression of Pleasure.” It’s a deep, hypnotic exploration of house’s edges with psychedelic instrumentation and vocal samples laced through propulsive, percussive bliss. Looking back at this key entry in their catalog, they explain that it “can be a way of life that you keep in mind. You can focus on the positive or the negative. It’s entirely up to you. Yin and yang. The song contains a lightness that we try to live, even if it is always difficult due to the current situation or made difficult.” This level of sharp insight behind their work is part of what’s sustained Tube & Berger’s success within the electronic scene as their work goes far beyond the DAW. In 2022, Tube & Berger have continued to challenge themselves creatively with singles like “Alive,” an electronic tour-de-force alongside fellow producer Frank Klassen. Peeling back the curtain on how this collaboration came to be, they explain, “we met Frank during COVID when all the clubs were closed. We had such a nice vibe together in the studio. Frank is also a great producer, classic musically trained, and a brilliant cellist … We’re already working on our next collab, so keep an eye out for it.” Other tracks like “Daily Twist” and “Future” are equally killer, beckoning the question of what keeps Tube & Berger motivated so far along in their career. The duo straightforwardly explain, “As an artist you are always learning and trying out new things. The same counts for collaborations. You try out as much as possible and stick to what works.” As for what the future holds, expect more collaborations with the likes of Frank Sonic (who they describe as “a modular synth master”) and Goatchy (who they call “a great singer-songwriter who is working a lot with us on productions”) alongside festival dates and plenty of time back home dedicated to being dads. Always optimistic, they leave the conversation with a message of togetherness to take to heart: “Be kind to each other without any reason and let’s go bananas on the dancefloor!!!”


Born in Solingen, Germany, the dynamic duo, Tube & Berger, began their musical journey with roots in punk rock. But as their passion for music evolved, they quickly made a name for themselves in the realm of house music. Their first major splash in the industry came with the 2004 track 'Straight Ahead', a collaboration featuring the vocals of Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders. This hit single didn't just make waves; it shot to the top of the Billboard Dance Radio Chart.

While this early success showcased their potential, it was their ability to evolve that kept fans hooked. Tube & Berger soon became known for integrating real-world recordings and samples into their tracks, creating a unique, organic sound. This innovation led to the creation of 'Imprint of Pleasure', a groundbreaking track on Suara Records that didn't just resonate with fans—it skyrocketed to become Beatport’s 9th Top Selling Track of All Time.

But Tube & Berger weren't just about producing hits. They showed their business acumen by co-founding two labels: Kittball Records and ZEHN Records. Alongside their own hits, they've signed major artists like Purple Disco Machine and Township Rebellion, further shaping the landscape of deep house music.

Their dedication and passion have been recognized by peers and industry legends alike. Recently, their collaboration track "E Samba 2018" garnered widespread DJ support, with names like Pete Tong and Erick Morillo spinning it on their sets.

In 2023, Tube & Berger's fame and demand soared even higher. They shared the stage with house music heavyweight FISHER at Bootshaus in Cologne and played to a sold-out crowd at Printworks London alongside Bakermat. Their summer tour took them to stages across Germany, Spain, and the US, proving their international appeal and playing memorable sets like at the iconic Pacha Ibiza for Claptone's Masquerade, where they joined forces with Lee Foss, Danny Howard and Claptone.

From punk rock teens to house music pioneers, Tube & Berger have not only shaped the deep house genre but continue to push their story, evolution and passion.

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