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Bedouin, A Wednesday Saga

Jun 15, 202211:59 PM
Pacha Ibiza

Eivissa, Spain

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Jun 7, 2022

Tiffany Bennett

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Mid-week never looked so good! Brooklyn-based duo Bedouin have staked their claim on the Wednesday slot at Ibiza’s oldest and most iconic club with A Wednesday Saga. Originating in neighboring Heart (now Club Chinois), Saga has accumulated a cult following since its creation back in 2017 and has finally made the move to Pacha Ibiza.


Its popularity didn’t go unnoticed, with Pete Tong defining its beginnings as "one of the most successful seasonal residency debuts of all time." Then, in 2019, Saga won the DJ Awards title for Best Night in Ibiza.

From midnight until 6am, be prepared to be transported to a Middle Eastern oasis by Rami Abousabe and Tamer Malki and their special guests. On June 15th the duo will be joined by Bonobo and Ageless, both standout artists in their own right.

Bedouin A Wednesday Saga is an original concept, an immersive audiovisual experience that’ll leave you hypnotised and fascinated. Rami and Tamer pull from their Middle Eastern heritage and mix with their Western upbringing, serving melodic rhythms and desert house laced with tribal vocals.


Pacha will be transformed with drapes and incense, stimulating more of your senses in order to fully immerse you into the story being told. Dancing in the iconic once-finca is an experience all in itself. It's a party not to be missed, that’s for sure!

Taking inspiration from the sounds of the ancient Bedouin tribes, the Brooklyn-based duo use their skills as musicians, singers, songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists to curate their unique musical landscape.

Simon Green aka Bonobo is a British musician, DJ and producer and three time Grammy nominee. His musical selections incorporate elements of UK garage, ambient, breakbeat, house, jazz and R&B. His experimental edge will keep you guessing throughout the night.

Canada’s Ageless will be showing up monthly at Bedouin A Wednesday Saga throughout the summer and will take you on a journey as he draws inspiration from a wide range of sources.

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