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Aug 19, 202211 PM
Amnesia Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain

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Aug 5, 2022

Tiffany Bennett

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The finale of three special events taking place at Amnesia takes place on August 19 from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Join Joseph Capriati to celebrate the release of a very special album, Metamorfosi, on his own label Redimension. The short series of conceptual events have received rave reviews this summer and you would be a fool to miss out on the final edition.

Metamorfosi (the event) is not only about showcasing the best techno around, but will also see Capriati and his guests cast a wider net, expand their musical horizons, and demonstrate the influences that shaped their style throughout the years.

"It's a dream come true to have these dates at Amnesia,” said Capriati. “I have been dreaming about this since the first time I went to the club. Every party will be packed with passion from me and my whole team. Everyone will feel that when they step into the club. We decided to do just three nights so that we can really put everything into each one. I can't wait to see you there and make sure these events are truly special and unique experiences.”


Italian DJ and producer Joseph Capriati first stepped behind the ones-and-twos at age 11. He quickly became popular in his hometown, playing his first proper gig in 2007. He is a techno master and a staple in the worldwide festival and club scene.

Iconic German DJ Sven Väth has such a long history with Ibiza, from the opening season of Cocoon in 1999 to playing almost every super club on the island from Ushuaïa to DC10. His iconic vinyl-only mammoth sets will take you on an unforgettable journey through techno history and propel you into its future.

Bobby Shann is a DJ with a unique sound that fills dancefloors the world over. Well known for his detailed production skills and contemporary take on dance music, his creativity and originality are undeniable.

Club Room

Berghain resident DJ and Klockworks label founder, Ben Klock, is highly regarded for his perfectly paced, stripped-down DJ sets. Starting off his career in the mid-1990s playing primarily house music, he nearly quit DJing after becoming disinterested in the electroclash and minimal house scenes that were inescapable at the time. Since then, Klock managed to find his own unique sound and has been dominating the scene on his own terms.

Markantonio is an Italian DJ and producer with a career that spans over two decades. Named as one of the pioneers of techno music in Italy and having played in venues across the world, his influence is hard to ignore. He has releases on influential techno labels such as Carl Cox’s Intec, Pan-Pot’s Second State, Adam Beyer’s Drumcode, and many others.

Italian techno DJ and producer Adiel started off her career in Goa Club in Rome as its resident DJ. Since then, she has traveled the world to play some of the most notable events and venues including Sonar, Printworks, and Berghain.

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