Miss Monique Atlanta Headline Debut event artwork

Miss Monique Atlanta Headline Debut

Feb 18, 202310 PM
Miss Monique Atlanta Headline Debut event artwork


Ukrainian-born DJ and producer Miss Monique's elevated and intoxicating blend of melodic house, progressive, and trance has sent her stomping across The States over the last year. From the clubs of New York, Detroit, and LA to festivals like CRSSD, EDC Orlando, and Seismic Dance Event, she's left thousands reeling. Atlanta, now it's your turn to experience Beatport's #7 best-selling progressive house artist, Miss Monique.

Miss Monique at the Biosphere Museum, in Montreal, Canada for Cercle

It's rare for a DJ to achieve notoriety based solely on their skills as a selector but Monique's rise to becoming one of Europe's most recognizable faces in progressive isn't your average story. Even before the pandemic made livestreaming a necessity, Monique's MiMo podcasts, filmed in some of the world's most bucolic locales, earned her thousands of fans across the globe. Her disarming nature and ability to tell a story through a DJ set propelled her into the international spotlight. So by the time Cercle—one of dance music's most sought-after live-streamed performance opportunities—invited her to perform in Montreal, Monique was already well-versed in building a set to match the beauty of her surroundings.

Miss Monique at Quantum Brooklyn

Miss Monique at Quantum Brooklyn

This doesn't diminish the incredible talent Miss Monique posses in the studio. Completely self-taught, she's managed to extend her reach from DJ sets to the broader world of dance music via celebrated releases on labels like Tiesto's AFTR:HRS, Nora En Pure's Purified, Insomniac, and her own Siona Records, which in just a few years earned the distinguishment of being Beatport's #2 best selling progressive house label sitting comfortably between Anjuna's two flagship labels.

There's no doubt that 2022 has been a massive level-up for Monique. From being twice picked to play at David Guetta's Hi Ibiza residency to debuting on the stage of Tomorrowland, she's becoming one of progressive's most sought-after talents. We've had the pleasure of debuting her in New York, Austin, LA, Detroit, and now Atlanta. And Domaine's state-of-the-art production and pristine sound make for the perfect environment to fully immerse yourself in her incredible, uplifting, and magical music.

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