Miss Monique Detroit Headline Debut event artwork

Miss Monique Detroit Headline Debut

Dec 16, 202210 PM
Miss Monique Detroit Headline Debut event artwork


Miss Monique's breakout success over the last year has been spectacular. The Ukrainian DJ, producer, and YouTube star was thrust into the international spotlight because of her unique and compelling blend of progressive house, techno, and trance. And in 2022 alone she's dropped releases on Tiesto's AFTR:HRS and Cercle Records, performed for Cercle in Montreal, and had a string of massive festival appearances for CRSSD, Insomniac, and Seismic. And now she's wrapping up her US tour with a Headline Debut at Leland City Club in the Birthplace of techno, Detroit.

Miss Monique at the Biosphere Museum, in Montreal, Canada for Cercle

These days it's rare that a DJ could shine in the spotlight without a massive catalog of hit records. We've come to expect DJs to be producers first, using DJing as a platform for their music. For Miss Monique, however, the opposite has happened. Although her catalog is extensive, and she received tremendous acclaim in recent years for her productions from artists like Markus Schulz, Tiesto, Korolova, and Nora En Pure, she truly made a name for herself over the years as a DJ first.

Monique's buzzing YouTube was the impetus for her to become one of the most recognizable rising stars in Europe's progressive scene. For the last seven years, she's built a thriving online community of fans who are enamored with her ability to seamlessly blend techno, classic trance, and proper progressive house. With thousands of fans and millions of views, promoters took notice leading to performances across the globe from Ibiza to Miami.

On December 16th, she brings her skills to Detroit's legendary Leland City Club, a venue steeped in the history of Detroit's storied relationship with music. The club's history dates back to the 20s when it was an infamous mob hangout. The club has been a home for underground dance music since the early 90s. It's the perfect spot to get up close and personal with your favorite DJs while soaking in its top-tier sound.

At this early stage of Miss Monique's career, anything is possible. It's anyone's guess what she'll be known for in the coming years. Come down to Leland City Club in Detroit to be a part of that journey and witness her building that legacy one performance at a time.

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