Miss Monique LA Headline Debut event artwork

Miss Monique LA Headline Debut

Dec 15, 202210 PM

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Miss Monique LA Headline Debut event artwork


Known for her ability to properly mix progressive house, techno, and classic trance, Miss Monique’s live sets have gained notoriety as of late. After years of playing all over the world, the unique circumstances of 2020-2021 propelled her into the international spotlight as the increase in viewership of her live sets led people to discover her incredible talent.

Miss Monique - YearMix 2021

2021 marked a landmark year for Miss Monique. She released a well-received EP with Purified Records, Land of Sunshine, that offers a true showcase of her ability to blend unique, melodic sounds. Coming off of this, she will be embarking on a first-ever headline American tour in which she is displaying her skills behind the decks to fans all over the country.

It is always rare when a DJ comes into the spotlight without the standard background of hit records. Many have come to expect DJs to really be producers first, building a reservoir of hits before having the ability to tour, or even receiving offers to perform. For Miss Monique, however, the opposite has happened. Although her catalog is extensive, and she received tremendous acclaim in recent years for her productions, Miss Monique truly made a name for herself over the years as a DJ first.

On December 15, Miss Monique will stop at the iconic Sound nightclub in Los Angeles. Sound offers a perfect blend of VIP experience and high-end production to make the GA crowd feel one with the DJ. Thanks to a one-of-a-kind Pioneer sound system that powers the 8,000-square-foot room, attendees are sure to hear crisp quality anywhere they stand. Projection screens and 3D projection mapping are placed throughout the club, which facilitates a truly immersive, 360-degree visual experience.

Famous for its intimate underground events, Sound will be the perfect venue to host the one-of-a-kind Miss Monique. Anything is possible for this up-and-coming artist, and she is on a mission to showcase her skills throughout her debut American tour.

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