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Mystik by Ida Engberg

Aug 8, 202311:45 PM
Club Chinois

Eivissa, Spain

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Aug 1, 2023

Tiffany Bennett

3 min read

Ibiza's first-ever female solo residency, Mystik by Ida Engberg, is back this Tuesday, August 8, from 11:45pm, and the lineup for the night is nothing short of sensational.

We're talking techno that's transformative and a party that packs a punch at one of Ibiza's most talked-about venues.

Club Chinois, the flamboyantly lavish venue tucked away in Ibiza Marina Botafoch, carries on to blow our minds with its unique blend of opulence and underground.

The club has become a beacon for those who crave an out-of-this-world clubbing experience, curated to perfection by the renowned Island Hospitality team.

Ida Engberg, Sweden's techno royalty, continues to make waves on the dancefloor with Mystik.

This isn't just a club night, it's a revolution - busting myths, challenging the norm, and crafting a space where everyone feels free to express themselves.

From the early age of 18, Ida Engberg found her rhythm behind the decks, filling in at a club and later spinning at Stockholm's renowned Spy Bar.

Her unquenchable thirst for techno and relentless energy has since then captivated audiences worldwide, leading her to establish a formidable career as a DJ and producer.

This year, the lady of the hour is determined to set the bar even higher with her solo residency, Mystik and, so far, she’s doing just that. The magic of Mystik lies in its uncanny ability to create a night filled with energy, mystery, and most importantly, liberation.

Joining Engberg this Tuesday is Öona Dahl, known for her ambient and hypnotic sets.

Dahl's music is an immersive journey into the deep end of the electronic music pool. Her talent for creating a vibrant, mind-bending, and ultimately freeing atmosphere will have you losing yourself in the music in no time at all.

Originally from upstate New York, found her passion for music at a young age, graduating from listening to old cassette tapes to creating musical sketches with Acid Pro and Fruity Loops.

Influenced by the Toronto rave scene, she learned to mix records, eventually becoming a staple in the Florida underground scene during her college years while studying sound design and digital media.

Her music gained traction by 2012, leading to the release of her "Let The Light In EP" on Lee Burridge's All Day I Dream label and regular DJ bookings at their party series.

Meanwhile, she was exploring more experimental and song-based music, which resulted in her debut album Holograma under DJ Three's Hallucienda imprint in 2017.

Öona Dahl continued to make waves into 2021 with her self-released Road to Awe EP and her collaboration with Kirsty Hawkshaw on "Love Is All We Need". Now, in 2023, we are ready to welcome her to Club Chinois Ibiza.

Mystik is more than just a night out; it's an experience, a journey, a musical odyssey led by two powerful women in the world of techno.

So come along, let your hair down, and get ready to dance until dawn.

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