Sven Väth presents Catharsis event artwork

Sven Väth presents Catharsis

Aug 10, 20237 PM
Akasha Ibiza

Sant Carles de Peralta, Spain

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Aug 4, 2023

Tiffany Bennett

2 min read

Techno maestro Sven Väth is about to stir things up at Akasha Ibiza once again, presenting his grand spectacle - Catharsis - on Thursday, August 10 from 7pm.

'Papa' Sven Väth himself is tuning up to unleash his unique brand of magic on the party capital for the 3rd chapter of his extraordinary event series in 2023.

This colossal figure from the techno universe is primed to take you on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride. His performances are legendary, spiraling from techno to minimal, ambient to electro, encapsulating the astonishing breadth of his four-decade-long musical journey.

Continuing the "less is more" mantra this year, Sven has been picking his gigs on the island with utmost care. Each performance, therefore, carries a unique blend of sound and power, making them irresistible to any techno devotee.

As the setting sun paints the sky, Akasha Ibiza will light up. The Las Dalias garden will be open from 7pm until midnight, with Sven taking us on an al fresco techno masterclass from beginning to end.

As the clock strikes twelve, the party moves inside to the heart of Akasha, where the legend will continue his mammoth set and keep the tunes coming until 5am.

This spellbinding event, presenting the unrivaled talent of Sven, is guaranteed to be a sell-out, so act fast! Secure your tickets to this techno extravaganza before it’s too late.

Catharsis, Sven's groundbreaking solo album and the 50th release on his influential label, Cocoon Recordings, is a testament to his relentless passion for DJing. A pioneer since his first steps into the world of electronic music in 1981, his dedication to the craft and the genre remains unsurpassed.

This three-time DJ Awards winner has been instrumental in sculpting the global electronic music landscape, with a special emphasis on Ibiza.

His legacy on the island, from launching the inaugural season of Cocoon in 1999 to headlining mega clubs from Ushuaïa to DC-10, is unmatched. His marathon sets are always an event to remember.

So, save the date, grab your tickets, and gear up for an unforgettable night of techno. Dive headfirst into a journey through techno history with our beloved 'Papa' Sven at Las Dalias and Akasha Ibiza.

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