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Trip | Yoyaku

Oct 21, 202311:45 PM
Club Chinois

Eivissa, Spain


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Oct 14, 2023

Tiffany Bennett

3 min read

Are you ready for another amazing night at Club Chinois? If so, circle Saturday, October 21, on your calendar. It's going to be a night to remember, as another installment of the Ibiza-born Trip is on the cards.

At 11:45pm, Club Chinois will open its doors once again for Johannes Goller’s creation; an event that has filled every Saturday night of the summer since April!

Goller is the mastermind behind big party and event names like Cocoon and Cuts & Wine and, this year, has added another event series to his incredible CV.

The motto for Trip is “from Ibiza, for Ibiza” and it has most definitely been just that.

The lineup for the night includes O.BEE & Tomas Station, as well as Jonny Rock.

Trip events are made to be surreal, psychedelic, and - you guessed it - trippy.

The lights, artwork, and visuals are all inspired by iconic artists like Dali and Gaudi, and you’ll be transported into what feels like an otherworldly dimension.

Club Chinois, an epitome of elegance and glamour, is a creation of Island Hospitality and follows on from Park Chinois in London.

Ever since its inception in 2022, it's been an emblem of old-world charm meshed with modern-day luxury. Draped in plush velvets, adorned with intricate designs, and boasting a rich history of impeccable service, Club Chinois has redefined clubbing on the White Isle.

Its grand 3000m^2 space guarantees an atmosphere perfectly curated for decadent partying, topped with a level of sophistication only a few venues in Ibiza can match.

If you’ve ever attended a Trip event before, you know what's in store. But if this is your first time, gear up for a night where every element, from the music and visuals to the crowd, melds together perfectly to create something truly special.

About the lineup

O.BEE is a distinctive artist known for his ability to dance between different genres and styles. His music, characterized as optimistic, rebellious, and filled with passion, reflects a signature style that resonates with his personal musical identity.

O.BEE has a strong global presence, with ties to Brooklyn, Istanbul, and Berlin, and he's recognized not only for his DJ sets but also for his record label Jigit, which he co-founded with Tomas Station and Asli Tunaman.

Tomas Station, born in Bogotá and based in Brooklyn, is a celebrated DJ and music producer. Co-founding the event series "Can you Jigit?" and holding a residency at ReSolute NYC, Tomas Station is an integral part of the contemporary electronic music scene.

On June 1, 2023, he collaborated with O.BEE for a track titled "Love On The Rocks,".

Jonny Rock, a pivotal figure in London's electronic underground for nearly twenty years, has collaborated with eminent artists like DJ Fett Burger and Luke Solomon and has held esteemed residencies at iconic venues such as The End and Phonica.

Additionally, he has been instrumental in promoting Middle Eastern music, elevating producers like Mehmet Aslan and introducing the captivating sounds of the 1970s band Arsivplak to a broader audience.

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