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WooMoon Closing Party

Oct 8, 20235 PM
Cova Santa

Ibiza, Spain


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Oct 3, 2023

Tiffany Bennett

2 min read

WooMooN Closing Party: The final dance of the season.

If you’re on the island on Sunday, October 8, make sure that you head to the hills of San José for the WooMooN closing party at Cova Santa Ibiza.

“What’s so special about WooMooN?” we hear you ask.

It's not just a party; it's a unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else on the island. WooMooN mixes music, art, healing, and fun in a way no other party does.

And it's not just about the beats. From 5pm, you'll find live art, performances, activities, interactive areas, and even a small market where local craft makers sell their wares.

In the lower tiers of the venue, you’ll find live folk music, with the 2 stages offering a different experience at each, meaning that you simply won’t get bored.

Feeling tired? Head to a healing spot to relax. Hungry? Grab some delicious food, and make sure to try out the special cocktails made by top mixologists. There really is something for everyone at WooMooN.

As darkness falls, the shift in energy comes. The music gets deeper and the outdoor shifts to in. The club room, set within the Cova Santa cave, will play deep house until the early hours.

The allure of WooMooN goes beyond just music. It is an immersive experience, embracing nomadic underground artists and captivating artistic performances, while also boasting the unmatched production that sets it apart on the island.

And the venue is absolutely perfect. Make sure you’re there for golden hour, as that’s when Cova Santa really comes to life.

The WooMooN closing party has a lineup that'll keep you dancing non-stop, including Bora Uzer (live), Clemente, Medusa Odyssey (live), Parallelle, Qristië, Tanika, Temple Maze & Isadora (live), Valentín Huedo, Resonance, Aigua, House Of Frequency, and Nommars (feat Celine).

The diversity and richness of these artists promise a musical journey spanning different genres, styles, and moods. Each one, with their distinct flair, will contribute to a sonic tapestry that captures the essence of WooMooN.

So, circle the date: Sunday, October 8.

The WooMooN Closing Party is the perfect way to say goodbye to this summer in Ibiza, at a home-grown Ibiza party. Come dance, have fun, and make memories that will keep you going until next summer rolls around.

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