10 Tracks From PIV You Should Know

Aug 1, 2022

Carolina Quijano

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Since its inception in 2015, PIV Records has worked hard to honor and pay homage to the classic era of house music through their releases. Their hope is to have blended releases, ranging from all subgenres of house, such as tech, minimal, deep, and beyond. The brainchild of Prunk, a prolific Dutch producer and DJ, PIV Records strives to expand on the musical groundwork laid out through the 80s and 90s.

Coming out of Amsterdam, PIV Records is known for pushing the musical envelope and producing authentic club music. The label’s residents and staff are a cultural melting pot, so it’s no surprise that inclusivity is essential to the ethos of PIV. How important is it? Well, the acronym PIV stands for People Invited and is VIP spelled backward.

Inclusivity also spreads past their label, as PIV isn’t just about releasing music. PIV also hosts its own festival, is a staple of club nights in Ibiza, and they’ve curated stage takeovers for the likes of Tomorrowland. In addition, Their merchandise stretches beyond T-shirts and dad hats into sample packs to help spread their sound to the next generation of producers. There’s even a PIV Records Limited series that features music perfect for the dancefloor and just a tad groovier than what the OG label releases.

PIV Records has grown to be a formidable force in house music. To familiarize you with the label, we’ve picked ten PIV releases you should know. Check them out below.

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S.A.M - Fury’s Laughter

We had to open this list by mentioning the track that put this label on the map, S.A.M’s “Fury’s Laughter.” This warm, deep house track is a tasteful take on the genre, featuring a familiar and infectious melody and timeless synth. All that coupled together make this an influential club hit. This was PIV’s first number one on Beatport and their best-selling tune for a hot minute. An essential slive of PIV history, it’s full of summertime vibes and made for the dancefloor, so when this track plays, be prepared to dance.

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Kreature & Kellie Allen - Geeta

As part of their fifth-anniversary celebration, Kellie Allen wrote “Geeta” with Kreature. Allen is a DJ, producer, and musician originally from London and now residing in Ibiza, and her songs reflect that. Take this one, for example. It’s minimal yet soulful. It’s stripped down and raw, but it’s deep and funky as all hell. The picture-perfect pairing between Kellie and Kreature resulted in one hell of a tech banger, well matched for a compilation celebrating the cultural legacy of house and tech music.

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Prunk & Chris Stussy - Tunnelvision

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the first collaborative EP by Prunk and Chris Stussy, the two behind the label PIV. Part of their collaborative EP Brooklyn Tears, it features an unmistakable bassline coupled with silky vocals, creating the ideal dancefloor banger that’s full of soul. While it is a forward-thinking deep house tune, it remains reminiscent of the beloved era of 90s house—perfectly in line with PIV’s mission.

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DJOKO - PIV Samples 001

In 2020, PIV launched their sample pack series, and the first release came from Cologne-based producer DJOKO. One of the most adored artists of the label, DJOKO, is known for his exceptional production and bold, progressive music. This pack contains all you need to begin creating and producing tracks, from sultry grooves to shuffling loops and special FX, all recorded in the highest quality to preserve the analog sound. If you’re a producer, this one is a must-have.

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Lauren Lo Sung - Loquacious

Liverpool-based DJ and producer Lauren Lo Sung brings the fire with her release, “Loquacious.” Translating to “excessively talkative,” this track is anything but excessive. Instead, it features just the right amount of vocals and gets you moving and grooving. “Loquacious” was released as part of a compilation that completed a trilogy of PIV’s annual October sampler for ADE and, with its minimalist, deep tech sounds, truly shows what the label is all about.

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Ruze - Chapters

British house duo Ruze’s debut release on PIV was their four-track EP, Chapters. Each track deserves a spot on this list, but according to the duo “Chapters,” was the most impactful. It was the first track they created, and they delved into deep house for this one. It overflows with bass and memorable vocals. Whether in the club or driving to it, “Chapters” sets the mood.

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Iris Menza - Trip Talk

Belgian DJ Iris Menza is next up with her PIV Spring Sampler release, “Trip Talk.” Menza’s had a steady rise, picking up DJing rather quickly and making a name for herself by bringing a fresh take to deep house. Though minimal, the track is joyful, sophisticated, and brilliantly groovy—a running theme with Menza’s music. Even though “Trip Talk” doesn’t have words, you can still feel the deep emotion resonating throughout.

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M-High - Tomorrow is Another Day

M-High is the A&R for PIV, and he’s also one of their rising stars. “Tomorrow is Another Day” is a bouncy track reminiscent of the 90s sound with bright, sunny, soulful vocals and a jazzy synth improv section that leads into a summery piano hook. This track seems to be a fan favorite, but it’s also M-High’s favorite of the EP.

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Robbie Doherty - Moving Rhythms

The next release comes from Ireland’s trailblazing DJ, Robbie Doherty. In 2021, Doherty released his debut EP, Moving Rhythms on PIV, featuring three original tracks and remixes from another heavy hitter, Max Chapman. The titular track is the perfect summer jam, with a catchy groove full of all the deep house vibes.

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Jamback - Roaring 20's

Holland DJ Jamback draws inspiration from the Prohibition era and Harlem Renaissance in his recent EP, Roaring 20s. He continues the PIV tradition of pulling on the threads of classic 90s sounds on its lead track. Jamback expertly adds funky basslines and a scintillating piano to heat up the dance. This song has a warm, deepness like reminiscing with an old friend. Give it a spin and soak in the waves of nostalgia.

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Artmann - Enter the Wave

The 44th release on PIV is Enter the Wave and comes from Dutch/Indonesian artist Artmann. Entirely representative of the new talent coming from this label, “Enter the Wave,” is warm, bass-heavy, and has a melody you’ll never forget. Artmann grew up around one of the dance meccas of the world, Amsterdam, and this song is indicative of that.

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