&ME Delivers a Dream-Inducing Take on Röyksopp and Goldfrapp’s 'Impossible'

Austin Miller

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&ME Delivers a Dream-Inducing Take on Röyksopp and Goldfrapp’s 'Impossible'

The Keinemusik staple casts a tribal light on this new electronica staple

One of dance music’s defining traits is its inherent ability to unite. It unites people of different races, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations. This week’s Track Of The Week traverses generational lines as its artists combine years of cross-genre experience with invigorating new energy to create a deeply powerful experience that’s felt as much as it heard.

“Impossible,” an electronica-focused single, was released earlier this year by Röyksopp and Alison Goldfrapp. Goldfrapp and the Röyksopp duo of Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge first came to prominence at the turn of the century with the rise of electronica and electro-pop. Two decades later, both talents are still actively contributing to the musical landscape while partnering with fresh forward-thinkers like German producer, &ME.

& ME’s reimagining of Röyksopp and Goldfrapp’s “Impossible” finds its way to us this week for its dream-inducing tribal take on the buzzing mid-tempo original. Sustained synths and organic percussion build over rumbling bass as Alison’s siren song beckons to love, feeling, and pensive euphoria. This is nine minutes of meditative empowerment.

& ME’s production talents are recognized by the most prominent names outside of dance music as well, having just registered production credits on the latest Drake album, Honestly Nevermind. &ME is also one of the founding members of the prolific German label and collective, Keinemusik. The group, made up of Rampa, Reznik, Adam Port, David Mayer, and Adre Boadu (aka &Me), grew from independent label to cultural tastemaker as their reach expanded from events at Ibiza’s DC10 to collaborating with global brands like Nike and Converse on exclusive footwear. 

The Keinemusik event series is now a global happening, with events taking place from Zurich to New York, Istanbul to Mykonos, even joining the transformative fun on the playa of Burning Man. Their bi-weekly radio show has also become a can’t-miss stream for any lover of house and techno.

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