'Bust A Beat' With Kolter’s Funky New Roller

May 26, 2023

Austin Miller

2 min read

When dance music aficionados think of Germany, the mind drifts to techno. Scenes of dark, sprawling clubs filled with the bonging bass and metallic high-hat ticks of peak-time warehouse music go hand in hand with the German dance music landscape, but that landscape is experiencing change. In fact, it has been changing for some time; as music streaming and sharing blurs the geographic and thematic elements of genre, a new generation of German artists is blazing new trails and modern sounds. One such artist is Cologne-based beatsmith Kolter.

Kolter is no rookie. He’s been releasing music since 2014. However, his output since 2020’s Covid-19 shutdown has reached a new level with a staggering twenty-nine releases in 2022 alone. Kolter is on pace for another massive year with eighteen releases so far in 2023, and today we highlight a stand-out track, “Bust A Beat.”

You best watch out because there’s no stopping the thumping groove of this roller. This ain’t your daddy’s techno, and it ain’t your mama’s house. Leave your genres at home and bust out those dancing shoes as thumping kicks get you stepping left, right, forward, and back. Tac on the offbeat cymbal punch, a furious, attitude-filled bass line, and some sassy lil’ synth licks, and you got yourself an absolute fire starter. While Kolter wields those foundational elements handily enough to get the dance floor bouncing, he doesn’t stop there. The HOOVE label head keeps our focus and keeps it fresh with a piano-laden bridge that takes this beat to the heavens.

"Bust A Beat" and the rest of the Bust A Dream EP mark the debut of his new label, Koltrax. The new imprint will focus on releasing his most in-demand unreleased tracks. We’d say he’s starting on the right foot.

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