We’re Bouncing 'LEFT TO RIGHT' with Odd Mob’s Anthemic Banger

Apr 22, 2023

Austin Miller

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Underground dance music was built on the back of bootlegs. Cheeky remixes of notable hits bring an air of imagination and welcome surprise to the dance floor, especially when they are unofficial and unreleased. Commonly crowd favorites and commonly unapproved, these rewrites tap back into the counter-cultural and anti-establishment roots of the underground. While many bootlegs remain in the private stashes of those who created them, some occasionally cause such a stir that their delivery is inevitable. Enter Odd Mob’s “LEFT TO RIGHT.”

Like many artists, Australian producer, Odd Mob, turned to Twitch streaming during the Covid-19 shutdown. While these streams commonly provided artists with a no-pressure space for performance and experimentation, one of Odd Mob’s experiments would take a life of its own.

“LEFT TO RIGHT” started as a silly bootleg that I made on a Twitch stream,” the Aussie shares. “It was floating around the internet for a few weeks, then out of nowhere a clip of Dom Dolla playing it at Red Rocks in the snow appeared. Next thing you know, Disclosure is in my DMs, Diplo’s giving the track a spin, and Dom’s sharing requests for it from heaps of the biggest DJs in the world.”

Chris Lake, John Summit, Dillon Francis, ACRAZE, CID, DJ Boring, and many others join Dom Dolla, Diplo, and Disclosure on the long list of artists featuring this golden nugget in their sets. While it proved to be one of the most coveted IDs on the circuit, the official release of “LEFT TO RIGHT” did not come easily.

When your track bootlegs one of the most popular songs of the 00s (Soulja Boy’s “Crank That”), it’s bound to run up against some red tape. Soulja Boy, however, proved to be an ally of the underground as he gave his stamp of approval, clearing the way for Odd Mob’s “LEFT TO RIGHT” to find its way into playlists and flash drives—big up’s Draco.

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