Digitalism Gives Bob Moses’ 'Hanging On' a Gorgeously Glitchy Makeover

May 12, 2023

Austin Miller

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When Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance met in high school, no one could have guessed the musical journey that was to come. Fast forward eleven years and the Canadian duo, known to millions of listeners as Bob Moses, has become one of the most universally acclaimed acts in electronic music even picking up a Grammy Award for the smash hit, “Tearing Me Up.”

Last year, Howie and Vallance dropped their third studio album, The Silence In Between, to critical praise. The project explored the deeper points of the duo’s music tastes while making space to honor the sounds that catapulted their careers to the top. One year later, and The Silence In Between (Remixed) arrives to deliver a fresh look at some of the project’s peak tracks, including the positively rave-ready stand out, “Hanging On.”

The tune’s assigned remixers are German electro-house duo, Digitalism. An accomplished pair in their own right, Digitalism has even remixed for the likes of Tiga, The White Stripes, and The Presets. This latest flip finds the duo injecting space into the immersive orchestration of the original, instead favoring a collection of kinetic drum machines and fluid synths to cast rejuvenating waves of euphoria over listeners near and far.

This remix joins seven other new takes from The Silence In Between. “Remixes are always a fun part of the process,” Bob Moses share. “It’s exciting to hear how some of our favorite producers reimagine our music, and we’re always stoked to have fresh versions for our club sets. This EP is a collection of all of the remixes created during our The Silence in Between period, and it’s chock full o’ bangers. A big thank-you to all the talented people who spent the time making these beauties.”

With artists like Vintage Culture, Amtrac, and Kasablanca also contributing, this remix EP will surely be doing the original project justice.

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