Treasure Series Drops Another of Their Coveted IDs 'THIRTY THOUSAND'

Jan 20, 2023

Austin Miller

2 min read

Few in house music remain as cryptic as Treasure Series. Their social media and streaming pages all merely declare, “I’m an adventurer looking for treasure.” While we don’t know much, we do know that they release some of the most coveted minimal tech house, including our Track of the Week, “THIRTY THOUSAND.”

This kinetic roller is the latest of more than a dozen deep flips of some of music’s most incomparable classics. While the identity of Treasure Series remains unconfirmed, UK producer PAWSA always seems to be the only one playing out their tracks ahead of release. Each track is limited to 250 vinyl pressings with no digital downloads available. Talk about scarcity. If it weren’t for streaming platforms, we might not even know these cuts exist—so underground.

If you’re just now hearing about the Treasure Series releases, let us provide a little context on the demand for these LPs. “THIRTY THOUSAND” sold out in less than twenty-four hours. Regardless of who’s behind this puzzling project, we’re glad there’s an artist delivering bangers with an added bit of cheek.

The past two decades have seen dance music slowly permeate many corners of the world’s greater musical landscape. Genre lines grow increasingly blurry as music, production styles, and analytics are more accessible than ever before. It’s not uncommon to see artists pull inspiration from outside their typical genre to appeal to a larger audience and branch out into new sonic planes.

Dance music’s increasing popularity has led to greater potential financial rewards for its contributors, but escalating commercial potential can easily lead to a dilution of purity. A genre and community that once operated heavily on anonymity and scarcity now commonly focuses on scalability and brand awareness. While we at Gray Area love to see the genre we know and love getting the recognition it deserves, we also appreciate its underground roots. And so does PAWSA ... I mean Treasure Series.

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