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Factory Town Miami

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Located in Hialeah, Miami’s “City of Progress,” the up and coming Factory Town is effectively a 6.3 acre lot, committed to the booming arts & culture and music communities of South Florida.

The stripped back, industrial grounds are steeped in history, having previously been a mattress factory that provided the beds and cots of WW2.

Now set to be the next entertainment ground of the magic city, Factory Town is the refuge for a lot of the arts and culture that’s been displaced in other neighborhoods.

Consisting of a large open-sided warehouse and a vast amount of land where stages and buildings can be erected, Factory Town is a diverse and immersive space that is perfect for electronic music events.

Quite literally a blank canvas, this means that production can be taken to extraordinary levels by the worlds leading promoters.

So far, over one hundred 40 ft Kapok trees aka “the trees of life” have been planted around the site since its new ownership, a heart-felt representation of the future of life as well as the project itself.

The exciting new space lends itself perfectly to ravers who can dance from starlight to sunrise in the open air, at some of the biggest, international music brands in the world.

The incredible venue has been home to the most renowned party brands this year alone, including Elrow, Music On, Hocus Pocus and Paradise, making it a setting that both DJ’s love to play at, and the house music community love to party at.

This is just the beginning for the budding venue and the start of a bright future in Hialeah. With plans to build and innovate, yet preserve the space and its story, the one of a kind Factory Town is expected to play host to some incredible festivals in the year to come.


Factory Town Miami

4800 NW 37th Ave

Miami, Florida

United States

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