elrow Miami Music Week: RowsAttacks! 2024 event artwork

elrow Miami Music Week: RowsAttacks! 2024

Mar 24, 20247 PM
United States
Factory Town Miami

Miami, Florida

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The world’s most imaginative party, elrow, is back, this time whisking you away to an intergalactic celebration on the fantastical planet of RowsAttacks! Mark your calendars for an otherworldly sunset-to-sunrise, multi-stage experience at Factory Town on March 24th, 2024.

Inspired by the legendary energy of our sold-out Art Basel and Miami Music Week parties, this event is poised to be our most extraordinary adventure yet. We're transcending the ordinary with an elrow experience that’s out of this world, featuring a cosmic lineup and the exhilarating, interstellar theme of RowsAttacks – an announcement that’s sure to send shockwaves!

elrow, a global sensation, is known for turning typical parties into epic nights to remember. At Factory Town, we’re fusing the mesmerizing beauty of cosmic visuals with the pulse of electronic music, creating a sensory journey unmatched in this galaxy. Envision a universe where the exuberance of Ibiza collides with the electric essence of Miami nightlife, every beat and rhythm a celebration of life in the cosmos.

Adding to the excitement of the elrow event at Factory Town, we are thrilled to showcase a lineup featuring some of the most electrifying and talented artists in the electronic music scene today. James Hype stands out as a hot stepper artist in the UK's dance music landscape, with his remixes and originals dominating club and festival sound systems worldwide. His ability to draw massive streams and his vibrant presence in the music community have made him a beloved artist across the globe.

Sosa emerged as a pivotal figure in the realm of house music, stepping into the limelight previously held by icons like CamelPhat & Yousef. Known for his hypnotic minimal-tech sounds, Sosa has captivated the industry with his innovative productions, earning accolades from the likes of The Martinez Brothers and Jamie Jones.

A-Trak's unparalleled skill set, blending turntablism prowess with an ear for club bangers, makes him a standout addition. His history of high-profile collaborations and performances, along with his influence on DJ culture, adds a layer of prestige to the event.

Bastian Bux brings a deep, emotional take on techno and house, with his music receiving accolades across the underground scene. His ability to weave powerful harmonies and heavy beats into his sets will undoubtedly add depth to the elrow universe.

DJ Tennis offers a seasoned perspective with his wide-ranging electronic selections, from post-rock inspired electronica to intimate club tracks. His dual role as a revered producer and DJ ensures a set that's both sophisticated and deeply engaging.

Ky William represents the innovative spirit of the NYC house and techno scene, promising to infuse the lineup with fresh energy and emotive tracks that resonate on a personal level.

LP Giobbi stands out not only for her musical talents but also for her activism, aiming to bring more diversity to the production side of the industry. Her dynamic performances, combining live piano with electronic elements, are sure to captivate and inspire.

Malone, hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, brings a local flavor to the event with his tech house beats. His deep roots in the city's music scene and his passion for creating immersive dance experiences will resonate well with the crowd.

Melé is known for his unique blend of world music influenced house and UK sounds, creating a vibrant, dance-inducing atmosphere. His reputation for delivering high-energy sets makes him a perfect fit for the elrow experience.

Tini Gessler, with her deep and tech-house prowess, brings an international flair to the lineup. Her journey from small-town gigs to major festival stages exemplifies her growth and dedication to her craft, promising a set filled with pumping beats and infectious energy.

We are excited to also feature Thunderpony, an artist known for their deep and compelling sets that transport listeners to another dimension. With a keen ear for the unique and the undiscovered, Thunderpony promises to add an intriguing layer to our XXL lineup, ensuring that the elrow universe is as diverse as it is captivating. More artists to be announced very soon.

As the sun sets and Factory Town comes alive, anticipate a transformative night. elrow XXL is promising a fusion of color, energy, and emotion, promising an unforgettable journey through a fantastical world where reality becomes a backdrop of imaginative wonder.

Our star-studded lineup remains a closely guarded secret, but the anticipation is astronomical. Whether you're a seasoned elrow explorer or a first-timer ready to blast off into our world, this event at Factory Town is your launchpad to memories that will defy time and space.

Brace yourself for an experience that will leave you starstruck, as we defy the ordinary and embrace the magic of elrow. Join us in creating an intergalactic legend – where the only rule is to expect the extraordinary. Welcome to RowsAttacks, where every moment is a celebration of the universe’s endless wonders!


Factory Town Miami

4800 NW 37th Ave

Miami, Florida

United States

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